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Borderlands 2

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Wildlife Preservation

Jarrod Garripoli
Level Rewards
20 7719 XP, 4 Eridium

The Wildlife Exploitation Reserve is found as a travel point in The Highlands area, so head there and gradually make your way to it. As the name suggests, there is a lot of wildlife here, including Stalkers, Skags and Rakks. Roland suggests that Claptrap could probably get through the first barrier, but he needs an upgrade. For now, Mordecai is in the area and needs help with something.

He is perched in an area close by, so make your way to him and you’ll find out that his trusted companion, Bloodwing, has been taken by Hyperion forces. The chip on her collar contains all of the data that Mordecai collected, as well as the necessary upgrade for Claptrap. While in this area, Mordecai will provide support with his sniper rifle, which can inflict Slag on enemies.

Start making your way through the map until you get to a gate that won’t open. Some Loaders will show up, but Mordecai suggests that you cripple them so that they will be forced to open the gate. Just reduce three Loaders’ health enough and the gate will open, allowing you to continue. Fight your way through the mass of Loaders and Hyperion Personnel until you come to another area filled with Skags, Stalkers and Rakk.

Mordecai will help you out by shooting slag shots with his sniper rifle during parts of the mission (left). Make sure you leave the GUN Loaders with a little bit of health (right) to open the one door.

Slowly make your way through this area, especially if you spot any Badasses, as a Badass Skag will always be elemental and transfer its element to other Skags. Also, if you didn’t notice before, Spring and Ambush Stalkers have been making an appearance and they like to do quick hits before cloaking themselves again. Things can get very hectic and overwhelming on your way to the Hyperion building you need to get to.

Along the way, Tannis will chime in and give you an optional objective to collect 10 slag samples, so keep an eye out for those inside of the Hyperion building. Keep on the looking for the blue loot beams and you’ll get all ten in no time. In the outside area, you will encounter more Loaders, as well as Stalkers. When the door finally opens, a Super Badass Loader will greet you, which is nothing more than a regular Badass Loader, but with some more health.

You’ll pass a pair of Badass Skags on the way to Bloodwing’s chamber, where you find out that she was taken elsewhere after finding a feather on the ground. Go back the way you came, only for Jack to open all of the creatures’ cells, so get ready to fight. Look for the doorway with the Stalker sign above and proceed through there, killing as you guessed, more Stalkers as you reach a “bridge.”

Use this to get over the wall and you’ll be in a big, open area with Skags and more Stalkers. Go into the building and fight through the Hyperion Personnel and Loaders while looking for the elevator that will lead you to the next boss.

Boss: Bloodwing

Well, guess you didn’t see this coming (or probably did). Bloodwing is equipped with all four elements, starting out with Slag. It doesn’t seem like she will do any attacks while using this element, instead choosing to just fly around outside of the arena. However, the real fight will begin once she changes into fire element.

Bloodwing will cycle through the four elements (left), starting with Slag. Watch out for her divebomb attack (right), as it is definitely her strongest move.

After fire will be shock, then corrosive and she will switch whenever her health reaches zero or a certain point. As for attacks, she can swoop down and attack with her claws, as well as spit the respective element. Her most dangerous attack, however, is when she divebombs the arena and sends out a shockwave of the appropriate element. Despite the impending danger, though, Bloodwing is a pretty easy boss.

Once the fight is over, snatch the info from her collar and move away, as Jack performs a very wicked action. Exit and start making your way back to the fast travel station, only Jack tries to stop you by dropping in some Loaders. Luckily, Mordecai is a tad bit ticked off at Jack and goes crazy on those Loaders, clearing the way for you. Head back to Sanctuary and give the upgrade on the microchip to Claptrap, then return to Roland to finish the mission.

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Farewell, Old Girl

Completed the mission "Wildlife Preservation"

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