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Jarrod Garripoli

Unique items, as their name describes, are those that can only be acquired in one way. Like Legendaries, all of them have the red flavor text in their descriptions, but unlike the former, they can be of any rarity color (except for white, of course). A majority of the unique pieces of equipment can be gotten as drops from enemies or as rewards for finishing missions.

Name Weapon Type Location
12 Pounder Rocket Launcher Drop from Big Sleep (Two Easy Pieces side mission in Scarlett DLC)
1340 Shield Shield Out of Body Experience side mission (hand over core to Zed)
Aequitas Shield Clan War: Wakey Wakey side mission
Bad Touch Submachine Gun Tipping Moxxi (requires more than $10,000 cumulative)
Bane Submachine Gun The Bane side mission
Blockhead Shotgun Drop from Badass Creeper
Bone Shredder Submachine Gun Drop from Bone Head 2.0
Boom Puppy Assault Rifle Walking the Dog side mission (Torgue DLC)
Buffalo Sniper Rifle Demon Hunter side mission
Captain Blade’s Otto Idol Relic Message In A Bottle side mission (start in The Rustyards; Scarlett DLC)
Name Weapon Type Location
CHOPPER Assault Rifle Drop from Dexiduous the Invincible (Hammerlock DLC)
Chulainn Submachine Gun Clan War: Zafords vs. Hodunks side mission (side with Zafords)
Chère-amie Sniper Rifle Hyperion Slaughter: Round 5 side mission
Cobra Sniper Rifle Drop from Pete’s Burners (one of the three factions of Bikers in Torgue DLC; primarily yellow color with pith helmets)
Commerce Submachine Gun Drop from Assassin Wot (Assassinate the Assassins side mission)
Contraband Sky Rocket Grenade Mod Part of GOTY editions and Collector’s Edition Pack DLC
Cracked Sash Shield Drop from Super Badass Varkids and Chubby Varkid/Rakk/Spiderant/Skag
Creamer Rocket Launcher Creature Slaughter: Round 5 side mission
Crit Submachine Gun Critical Fail side mission (Tiny Tina DLC)
Dahlminator Pistol The Lost Treasure side mission
Name Weapon Type Location
Damned Cowboy Assault Rifle Drop from Bloodtail (Now You See It side mission; Hammerlock DLC)
Deadly Bloom Shield The Overlooked: This is Only a Test side mission
Deputy’s Badge Relic Showdown side mission
Dog Shotgun Assassin Rouf (Assassinate the Assassins side mission)
Elephant Gun Sniper Rifle Drop from Arizona (Egg On Your Face side mission; Hammerlock DLC)
Evil Smasher Assault Rifle The Chosen One side mission
Fibber Pistol A Real Boy: Human side mission
Fireball Grenade Mod Drop from Fire Mages (Tiny Tina DLC)
Fremington’s Edge Sniper Rifle Drop from Assassin Reeth (Assassinate the Assassins side mission)
Fuster Cluck Grenade Mod The Pretty Good Train Robbery side mission
Name Weapon Type Location
Good Touch Submachine Gun Tipping Moxxi (requires more than $10,000 cumulative)
Greed Pistol Guarantee drop after Roscoe fight (Scarlett DLC)
Grog Nozzle Pistol Only available during The Beard Makes The Man side mission (Tiny Tina DLC)
Gwen’s Head Pistol Found in one of five locations in The Dust (See below)
Hail Assault Rifle Bandit Slaughter: Round 5 side mission
Heart Breaker Shotgun Safe and Sound side mission (bring pictures to Moxxi)
Hive Rocket Launcher Drop from Saturn
Hydra Shotgun Drop from Rouge (Big Feet side mission; Hammerlock DLC)
Jolly Roger Shotgun Just Desserts For Desert Deserters side mission (Scarlett DLC)
Judge Pistol Drop from Assassin Oney (Assassinate the Assassins side mission)

Gwen’s Head is a unique weapon that can be found in one of five different locations in The Dust. It is always found in a cardboard box, so if you’re having trouble following the directions given, just look for a cardboard box in the general area.

  • Inside of Ellie’s workshop
  • In the east side of The Dust, by a rock outcropping in between Ellie’s workshop and the Hodunk Speedway
  • Goose’s Roost, inside of a shack
  • Lynchwood Station, close to New-U Station
  • Old Dahlwell Oasis, next to a pole north of gas station
Name Weapon Type Location
Kiss of Death Grenade Mod Hell Hath No Fury side mission; Can also drop from Hyperius the Invincible (Scarlett DLC)
Kitten Assault Rifle Everybody Wants to be Wanted side mission (Torgue DLC)
Lady Fist Pistol Uncle Teddy side mission (Mail blueprints to Una Baha)
Landscaper Shotgun Clan War: Zafords vs. Hodunks side mission (side with Hodunks)
Lascaux Submachine Gun Frostburn Canyon; Found in shallow pool in cave system with Spiderants
Law Pistol Won’t Get Fooled Again side mission; Also drops from The Sheriff of Lynchwood
Lightning Bolt Grenade Mod Drop from Sorcerers, Necromancers, and Handsome Dragon (Tiny Tina DLC)
Little Evie Pistol Drop from Lil’ Sis (Magnys Lighthouse area; Scarlett DLC)
Love Thumper Shield Best Mother’s Day Ever side mission
Lucrative Opportunity Relic Safe and Sound side mission (bring pictures to Marcus)
Name Weapon Type Location
Magic Missile Grenade Mod Drop from Wizards (Tiny Tina DLC)
Manly Man Shield Shield Message In A Bottle side mission (start in Wurmwater; Scarlett DLC)
Midnight Star Grenade Mod Message In A Bottle side mission (start in Magnys Lighthouse; Scarlett DLC)
Morningstar Sniper Rifle Hyperion Contract #873 side mission
Moxxi’s Endowment Relic The Good, the Bad, and the Mordecai side mission
Octo Shotgun Slap Happy side mission
Order Shield BFFs side mission
Orphan Maker Shotgun Message In A Bottle side mission (start in Oasis; Scarlett DLC)
Pimpernel Sniper Rifle Don’t Copy That Floppy side mission (Scarlett DLC)
Pocket Rocket Pistol Torgue Vending Machine (Torgue DLC)
Name Weapon Type Location
Pot O’ Gold Shield Drop from Bagman (Clan War: End of the Rainbow side mission)
Rapier Assault Rifle Message In A Bottle side mission (start in Hayter’s Folly; Scarlett DLC)
Rex Pistol Drop from Bulstoss (An Acquired Taste; Hammerlock DLC)
Roaster Rocket Launcher Note for Self-Person side mission
RokSalt Shotgun Splinter Group side mission
Rubi Pistol Rakkaholics Anonymous side mission (bring beer to Moxxi)
Sand Hawk Submachine Gun Whoops main mission (Scarlett DLC)
Scorpio Assault Rifle Bearer of Bad News side mission
Sheriff’s Badge Relic Drop from The Sheriff of Lynchwood
Name Weapon Type Location
Shotgun 1340 Shotgun Out of Body Experience side mission (bring core to Marcus)
Sloth Sniper Rifle Rakkaholics Anonymous side mission (bring beer to Mordecai)
Slow Hand Shotgun Drop from Piston (Long Way to the Top mission); Also drop from Badassasaurus (Torgue DLC)
Stinkpot Assault Rifle Drop from No-Beard (A Warm Welcome main mission; Scarlett DLC)
Stomper Assault Rifle Hungry Like the Skag side mission
SWORDSPLOSION Shotgun The Sword in The Stoner side mission (Tiny Tina DLC)
Teapot Pistol You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Party side mission
Teeth of Terramorphous Shotgun Drop from Terramorphous the Invincible
The Afterburner Relic Positive Self Image side mission
Name Weapon Type Location
The Rough Rider Shield Drop from The Bulwark (Palling Around side mission; Hammerlock DLC)
Tidal Wave Shotgun Uncle Teddy side mission (mail blueprints to Hyperion)
Tinderbox Pistol Drop from Captain Flynt
Trespasser Sniper Rifle Animal Rights side mission
Triquetra Shotgun Clan War: End of the Rainbow side mission
Twister Shotgun Drop from Omnd-Omnd-Ohk (Hammerlock DLC; Son of Crawmerax DLC)
Vault Hunter’s Relic Relic Part of Mechromancer DLC Pack and Collector’s Edition Pack DLC
Veritas Pistol Clan War: Wakey Wakey side mission
Yellow Jacket Submachine Gun Drop from Jackenstein (The Fall of Nakayama main mission; Hammerlock DLC)
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