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Borderlands 2

The Talon Of God

Jarrod Garripoli
Level Rewards
30 23670 XP, 4 Eridium

This is it! The final story mission of the game! The Warrior’s location is in Hero’s Pass and in order to get there, you’re going to need Claptrap’s help once again. Before talking to him, there are optional objectives to talk to Tannis, Zed and Scooter, each of whom will give you an item to help on the journey. Do the same with Moxxi, Hammerlock and Marcus, then when you’re ready, talk to Claptrap.

You might get some usable equipment by talking to the optional people around Sanctuary before heading out with Claptrap.

Fast travel to Eridium Blight and find/talk to Claptrap, who will now head over to the door leading to Hero’s Pass. The door is locked and Claptrap will need to open it, but you’re going to have to protect him from enemies that spawn. Of course, Claptrap continues being himself and ends up spawning turrets that are protected by a shield you can’t penetrate, so be careful and try to use cover while taking out the Loaders that spawn.

Luckily, it doesn’t take long for Claptrap to finally do something right, as he actually turns the turrets so they fire at the enemies. Continue fighting until everything’s dead and you hear the wonderful words of “Reinforcements depleted” from the security voice lady. When the doors finally open, Claptrap’s greatest weakness will be revealed…stairs!

Go on without him and travel to Hero’s Pass. As one would expect, this place will be littered with a ton of enemies, all of them either a variant of Loader or one of the Hyperion Personnel. It’s important to take your time and not rush, as that will likely lead to your doom…and loss of cash as you respawn. Luckily, Brick and Mordecai will be helping you throughout the initial area, with their main thing being the barriers they bring down.

At the second barrier, you will have turrets on top of the towers that you can’t hit due to impenetrable shields, so just concentrate on the Loaders and Hyperion soldiers until they go away. A Constructor will spawn just past the second barrier, on the roof of a building, so watch out for that. At the end of the area, there will be another Constructor, of the Badass variety. Just past that is the exit to the final area, The Vault of the Warrior. No enemies will be here, so just follow the path and you’ll come to the boss.

Boss: Handsome Jack

Jack isn’t a terribly difficult boss, but he will start the battle by summoning a bunch of clones, who go down pretty quickly. As you fight him, he can call in Loader reinforcements and he has his own personal Surveyor that can erect a shield around him, making it so you can’t hurt him. Jack has launchers equipped on his wrists, which he can use to fire energy bolts and lasers at you.

Jack’s clones are fairly weak and should be saved for Second Winds (left). His personal Surveyor will put a shield (right) around him, making it so he can’t be damaged.

The good thing is that unlike a lot of other enemies in the game, once you deplete Jack’s shield, it is gone for good. This will also force him to start using more powerful methods in trying to kill you. He will start deploying turrets, as well as tossing down mines and even using a shockwave-like attack that can actually hurt his robotic allies. When Jack has been defeated, it’s time to move onto the next boss!

Boss: The Warrior

As the true final boss of the story mode, The Warrior is certainly more intimidating than it looks, but don’t let that fool you, as it can quickly kill you if you’re not careful. Before talking about the boss’ attacks, its main body will mitigate damage done to it, unless you hit one of a few weak spots. The inside of its mouth is one, as well as the plates covering another on its chest and more on either side.

There are Volcanic Rakk flying around the arena, which can be used for a Second Wind if you go down. A Volcanic Crystalisk will also appear at certain times, usually whenever The Warrior dives into the lava. You will want to take this out as soon as possible, to avoid being bombarded with its attacks, lest them knock you into the lava.

As for The Warrior’s attacks, it can climb the statues around the arena, break off a piece of rock and throw it at you. In addition to that, it can breathe fire and use its tail to hit the arena floor, with the latter possibly knocking you into the air. Periodically, The Warrior will dive into the lava and depending on whether it goes head first or not, one of two things will happen.

A Volcanic Crystalisk (left) will always spawn whenever The Warrior dives into the lava. Destroy the plates on its chest (right) to reveal a critical hit spot.

If it chooses to go head first into the lava, then it will smack the ground with its tail, launching you into the air as mentioned before. Going into the lava tail first will cause the lava levels to rise slightly, so you better find some higher ground. You can use the rocks around the arena for cover against most of the attacks, so keep looking to find one that suits your needs.

Now that you finally killed The Warrior, Lilith says to hit the button on the moonshot console to make sure. Feel free to check the bountiful amounts of loot on the ground and when you’re ready, you can kill Jack in one of two ways, either by shooting him yourself or by talking to Lilith, who will be more than happy to kill him for you (this also appears as an optional objective). Check the key in the middle after Jack is dead to finally finish Borderlands 2!

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