Mission AcquisitionRewards
Freeing Boomer at Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm600 RP, Boomer Specialist

(1 of 2) Location of the mission

Location of the mission (left), the mission is added to your journal after you free Boomer. (right)

A Daring Rescue

Head on over to Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm located just southwest of Dutch’s Island to discover the place overun with cultists. Before you head in, you’ll notice on your map and compass a green gun icon, this is a shop and its a great idea to prepare for the battle ahead.

Tip: We strongly advise to customize your Handgun with a Suppressor, this will make it a lot easier to take down outposts and the like with a lot more ease. Also of note is adding a Marksman Sight to the Compound Bow.

If you’re approaching from the north, using the Binoculars will reveal four cultists for you to dispatch along with a dog in a cage. You may notice that one of the cultists you tag has a siren icon above his head, this tells you that he will call for reinforcements if alerted so make him your main priority.

Crouch and circle around towards the house to the south of the farm, where your main priority will be and take him out within the confines of the house. Return the way you came and creep behind the crates towards two more cultists, wait for one to walk toward the cage before taking out the one kneeling by the pickup truck with the speakers. If you keep to your right here you will avoid being detected and can safely dispatch the one near the cage before taking down the final cultist.

Approach the cultists from this position to remain undetected.

With the area free of hostiles, turn your attention to the poor dog locked up in the cage. Take out your sidearm and blast open the lock to free Boomer and officially begin the mission. At this point, pet Boomer by holding the [Square/X] button while looking at him to conclude the mission and add Boomer to your Roster.

Note: Boomer is an incredibly useful specialist and one of the main reasons why this guide suggests you to go to Holland Valley first. He’s great for scouting missions as he will keep quiet and tag any enemies that are nearby. It’s a great idea to immediately put him to work as your active companion.

Before you leave the pumpkin farm, another pickup truck will come with four more cultists, if you have a grenade on hand, throw it into the truck to defeat all of them before they can even get out.

You’ll find some loot in the house that you dispatched the first cultist from in the form of a supply box on the bed along with a note, a Med Kit in the bathroom and some ammo on the shelves in the living room.

The bunker is located to the east of the small silo here.

Finally, head outside the house and look on the ground to the east of the small silo here to discover another bunker. Head inside and you’ll find the first Vietnam Lighter collectible (related to the [What They Carried] Side Mission), a Perk Magazine which will award you Perk point (it’s a good idea to get the Grapple Perk with this), Cash and a various assortment of ammo.

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