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Author(s): Ben Chard
First Published: 26-03-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 17-03-2019 / 12:39 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 24-08-2019 / 09:50 GMT

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Trophy Guide

Trophy Guide

We Always Had Faith In You

The Platinum Trophy for Far Cry 5 is a lot easier than it’s predecessors in that you don’t need to fully 100% the game to obtain it. The most difficult Trophies will most likely be the misc ones that involve specific combat manoeuvers and the Multiplayer realated ones. Nothing is missable and provided you plan your way through the game, you could obtain this easy Platinum in around 30-35 hours.


Story and Side Mission Related Trophies

The SparkComplete the game intro by liberating Dutch's island (Solo Campaign only).
You Are WrathBe deemed the Sin of Wrath (Solo Campaign only).
Kicking the Hornet's NestTrigger the wrath of a Herald (Solo Campaign only).
Special DeliveryEnsure a baby's safe passage into this world (Solo Campaign only).
Only YouSuccessfully complete the First Trial (Solo Campaign only).
Walk The PathDiscover the Bliss (Solo Campaign only).
Saving Deputy HudsonSave Deputy Hudson (Solo Campaign only).
BlissfulSave the Marshal from the Bliss (Solo Campaign only).
Saving Sheriff WhitehorseSave Sheriff Whitehorse (Solo Campaign only).
Saving Deputy PrattSave Deputy Pratt (Solo Campaign only).
Science FactPut aside skepticism and help Larry (Solo Campaign only).
What Now?Complete 3 Side Missions in Hope County (Solo Campaign only).
A Wing And A PrayerFly Nick's plane. Hopefully you're not afraid of heights (Solo Campaign only).
Peachy KeenBait Peaches into going back home (Solo Campaign only).
Sewer RatDestroy a cult water treatment pump and make them thirst for revenge (Solo Campaign only).
Together ForeverGet to the End (Solo Campaign only).

Ain’t no Wallflower

This should unlock naturally over the course of the game. You need to speak to 50 citizens and you’ll find them all over Hope County ranging from quest-givers to people on the road with information to share. Speak to anyone and everyone and you should have no trouble unlocking this Trophy.


Been There, Done That

You’ll need to complete all challenges under the Hunting section of the Challenges screen. Not only will you get this Trophy but also Perk Points that will help you unlock another Trophy. Be on the lookout for any and every animal you see and kill them as you come along them. Boomer will be a great help as he can track them as will Peaches who can silently approach them. The Ultimate Hunter Homeopathic will also be of great help, marking everything around you.

As for the fishing side of this Trophy, you’ll naturally catch all of the fish as part of the Hope County Master Angler Trophy, see that for more details.



For this Trophy, simply liberate at least 5 Outposts out of the 20 available in the game. You’ll find these all over Hope County and you can tackle them in any way possible. If you wan’t to make this easier, take to the skies in a chopper and bring Nick Rye and Adelaide Drubman to rain down fire on the Outposts.



You’ll come across a Prepper Stash during your time on Dutch’s island at the beginning of the game. These are essentially Treasure Maps and will lead you to some Perk Magazines. You only need three for the Trophy but you’ll want to complete all of them to make the Survivalist Trophy easier to obtain.


The Greatest SOB That Ever Lived

Across Hope County you will find Clutch Nixon missions which are Stunt missions of a sort. You’ll be racing against the clock through checkpoint rings in a number of different vehicles (or the Wingsuit). Simply complete one mission in each of the three regions to unlock this Trophy.


Pack Rat

There are six different collectibles in Far Cry 5 but fortunately you only need one of each to grab the Trophy. Each of the Collectibles have a Side Mission related to them and once you start it, you’ll be able to purchase a map showing their locations from any Shop. You’ll need one of each of the following:

Comic Books Vietnam Lighters Baseball Cards Vinyl Crates Bobbleheads Whiskey Crates


Each region (including Dutch’s island) will have a different cult property for you to destroy. These are Shrines in Dutch’s island and the Henbane River, Wolf Beacons in the Whitetail Mountains and Silos in Holland Valley.



You’ll need to play some of the Multiplayer mode (Arcade) to unlock this, reaching Level 20 is enough. Choose to play the Hero mode to gain double XP and increase the time in which you complete this Trophy.



Simply play the Arcade Hero mode five times to unlock this Trophy. You should be playing this mode regardless to unlock the Arcade Player Trophy so this should come naturally.



You’ll need to get a total of 100 kills in Arcade mode, this is all down to how skillful you are. If you’re really struggling with this, consider grabbing a friend and boosting each other for kills.


ARCADE Enthusiast

When you’re in Arcade mode, you’ll come across both player made maps and featured maps created by Ubisoft themselves. You’ll need to complete 10 matches on the Featured maps so filter the maps in the menu to make sure you’re choosing the correct ones.


ARCADE Competitor

As above, you need to play on the featured maps and win 10 times to receive this Trophy. How quick you get this Trophy is all down to how often the featured maps are voted for.


The Hurk Locker

This Trophy is a lot easier than it may seem at first glance. You need to find and recruit Hurk Drubman Jr. and then have him destroy 15 vehicles with his Rocket Launcher. You can mark targets with the [Left Dpad] button and can even summon your own vehicles from a Garage to make this even easier.


Hope County Master Angler

In order to obtain all four fishing rods, you’ll need to do a lot of fishing. To begin with, the first two rods you can purchase from any shop. After this, go to the Whitetail Mountains and complete Skylars missions starting with Tools of the Trade to receive the next rod, the Wonderboy rod. You can now use this along with the baits you get from the Fisher King Perk to beat all of the region records at the Hard Fishing spots around Hope County. The alternative method of this involves having a friend join your game with the rods already unlocked and then dropping them on the floor for you to pick up.


Locked and Loaded

One of the more easier Trophies to obtain, simply buy all attachments for any weapon (not the skins) and it will unlock. The bow is the cheapest method to do this but it shouldn’t cost you more than $2000 total to achieve.


Ghost Kill

For this Trophy, bring a Sniper Rifle with you along with the best long range scope you can equip. Now find a location where some enemies are stationary and mark them to see how many meteres they are away from you. Outposts are great for this, as you can take your time until you’ve been spotted (and even reload the checkpoint if you want to clear it after) to line up your shot. You’ll need to be at least 151m away to have the Trophy pop.


Extra Crafty

You’ll need to craft 25 recipes to unlock this Trophy, something that should unlock naturally throughout your playthrough. Always pick up everything you find in the world or the bodies of enemies and craft constantly.


Fashion First

Head to any shop and purchase an outfit of two, anything in value of $1000 is enough. This should be one of the first Trophies you unlock in the game.


Big Spender

You’ll have to spend a lot more money for this to unlock, $50000 to be precise. During your playthrough of the game, only buy what you need and never guns or anything along those lines. By the time you’ve finished the campaign you should have more than enough money to spend on the vehicles at the garage.


Stocked Garage

If you’re going for the Big Spender Trophy then this will unlock during that process as you buy the vehicles.


Ace Killer

Pilot a chopper (or plane if you’re more comfortable to use them) and destroy 10 planes in the world. This can even include planes that have not taken to the air yet including any you may have spawned in yourself, take advantage of this to unlock this Trophy.


Squash and Run

Take a large vehicle and simply drive over 20 enemies throughout Hope County. This is easier to achieve when the Cult are out patrolling the roads looking for you as after you liberate the region, there’s less enemies roaming about.


Fertilizing the Land

You’ll need to be driving one of the tractors that has rotating blades on the front of it before you drive over 5 enemies. You’ll find these tractors easily at Nolan’s Fly Shop once it’s been liberated.


Death From Above

You’ll need to use a plane to drop a bomb on four vehicles and you’ll want to go for this before you liberate all the regions. Fly over checking the roads for a group of cars to hit or over any unliberated Outposts. Alternatively, if you have liberated all regions, head to a road and steal cars from the citizens. You can now position them close together before dropping a bomb on them.


Opportunity Knocks

when you’re trying to complete missions or Outposts while remaining undected,you can throw cans or rocks with the [Dpad down] button. Wait for the enemy to walk over and investigate for it to count, doing this 15 times will unlock the Trophy.


Road Gunner

This is a simple Trophy to obtain, simply pilot a chopper and fly around Hope County shooting at enemies. After 25 are defeated, you’ll unlock this Trophy.


Fish Market

While you’re going for the Hope County Master Angler Trophy you’ll have plenty of fish on you. Take at least 20 of these and sell them to a shop to unlock this Trophy.


Where’s the Beef?

Another Trophy that’s a lot more simpler than it sounds. Craft The Furious Homeopathic and use it when you’re close to a Bull. Use a melee attack on it now to kill it thanks to the force from The Furious.


Ignoble Beasts

Similar to the previous Trophy, take any melee weapon with you along with another dose of The Furious to a Bison hunting spot and melee it to unlock the Trophy.


Hitting it Off

Although an easy Trophy to obtain, you’ll still need a friend to join you or join their game. Once together, simply complete any three activities in Hope County to unlock the Trophy.


Like A Bird

First of all you’ll need to unlock the Wingsuit Perk before you can even attempt this. Now, with the Perk unlocked, head to the Henbane River and find the Clutch Nixon mission near Drubman Marina. This mission involves using the Wingsuit to glide through checkpoint rings, you’ll receive the Trophy during this mission.


Close and Personal

If you’re attempting undetected runs of the Cult Outposts (and you should for the $ bonus) then you should unlock this naturally. You’ll need to get behind and perform 25 Takedowns to unlock the Trophy.


Explosive Surprise

You’ll need the Saboteur Perk unlocked before you even attempt this one. Once you have it, head to the hood of the car to sabotage it, causing it to explode. Do this near 5 enemies to unlock this Trophy.



You’ll need to unlock 25 of the 50 total Perks in the game. You can find Perk Magazines all over, especially from the Prepper Stashes which shouldn’t be difficult to complete. You’ll also receive a lot of Perk Points from all of the associated challenges you can complete.


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