Mission AcquisitionRewards
Baron Lumber Mill, Jess Black900 RP, Jess Black Specialist

(1 of 2) You can accept this mission at the liberated lumber mill

You can accept this mission at the liberated lumber mill (left), be prepared to follow Jess after she has finished talking. (right)

Follow Jess

Speak to Jess after you finish liberating the lumber mill to start this mission, she wants you to help her track down and kill the Cook. Follow her along the trail, listening to her tales of whats going on in this region and eventually you’ll come upon three cultists near a camp, Jess will fire upon them before you get a chance so help her take them down quickly. Take any loot from the bodies and continue to folow her until you reach the first vantage point.

Liberate the hostages at the camp [3]

From the vantage point you can use the binoculars to survey the area and tag all the enemies, you’ll need to stick to the shadows as much as possible so that at least one hostage survives (you’ll miss out on the RP from the ones that do die however). Start by taking the cultist out from the ditch and throw the body in the pipe before heading through it and up the other side. Now wait for one patrol to walk back towards the shack and take him out. You’ll need to be quick here, there’s another cultist with his back to you at the far end before snekaing around the cage to kill the cultist assaulting the hostage. A pickup truck will arrive with one more cultist, take the last two out while they’re separated and free the hostages.

(1 of 2) Stash the body in the pipe

Stash the body in the pipe (left), take out this cultist while he’s distracted. (right)

Liberate hostages at the second camp [3]

After the carnage is over, return to following Jess up to the next vantage point where more hostages are being held. There are five cultists to take out at this camp and more importantly, theres a Marksman at the back, you’ll want to sneak around back and make him your first target. From this position you can then move quietly to the right and take out the other cultist near these cages.

This leaves you the last three, the first patrols nearby these cages allowing for an easy takedown. The other two split to the two sides of the area leaving you a chance to take them down when they’re alone and liberate the hostages. Once again follow Jess until you reach the third and final vantage point.

Kill the Cook

Unfortunately you’re too late to save any of the hostages this time however you have found the Cook, take out your binoculars and survey the area. Jess will go in and start firing once she gets a clean shot so it’s better to take aim at range (and use an explosive on the Cook to take him out easier) and pick the cultists off. If any get too close to you, take an assault rifle or like minded weapon and finish them off. Once all the cultists are dead, talk to Jess to conclude the mission and add her to your ranks.

One explosive is enough to take down the Cook.

Note: Jess Black is the companion of choice if you’re going for undetected Outposts, she’s quiet and is almost never seen by the enemy. If you’re a stealthy player, you’ll want Jess always with you.

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