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Friendly Skies

Ben Chard
Mission Acquisition Rewards
Adelaide Drubman, Drubman Marina 600 RP, Adelaide Drubman Specialist

(1 of 2) You'll need to liberate the Marina before Adelaide can give you the mission

You'll need to liberate the Marina before Adelaide can give you the mission (left), you'll find her out in the open. (right)

Before you can even begin the mission, you’ll have to go about liberating the Marina itself, go to this page to find out how. Once you’ve taken care of that, you’ll find Adelaide here with a task for you.

Go to the fire tower

Adelaide asks you to help her get her helicopter back from the cult with your only method of detecting it a male pilot. She gives you three locations to check and you can handle them in any order (although its best to leave the lookout for last).

We’ll start by heading to the fire tower located east of your location at Taft Lookout Tower. Grab a helicopter from the shop at the Marina and head on over to the tower. You’ll ID the pilot as a female so head over in the helicopter and take out the entire area, pilot included (you’ll need to strafe around a little, they have snipers at this tower).

(1 of 2) You can either sniper from distance

You can either sniper from distance (left), or light the place up with a helicopter. (right)

Go to the hunting shack

Next up is the hunting shack, found west of your location at the McCoy Cabin. Jump back into the helicopter (or take the one from the previous owner) and head on over. Once again you’ll ID another woman, stay above in the air and clear the area of enemies once more (there’s a hostage in the house for you to liberate).

Go to the lookout

That leaves us with just one more place to head to and this one won’t be as easy. Fly over to the Lookout and then when you arrive, disembark from the helicopter and get out your binoculars.

You should be able to easily spot the helicopter from here however keep watching. You’ll soon see that the helicopter alternates between two places, one to the east in a field of Bliss and another at McCallough’s Garage to the south. This is where you want to kill and pilot the helicopter. After he lands and gets out at the garage, use the nearby zipline.

Kill Tulip’s thieving pilot

Head forward until you get to an overlook and pull out a sniper (or call out Grace Armstrong), take aim and kill the pilot. With him dead, take control of the area by killing all the cultists and then pilot Tulip and begin the journey back to the Marina.

Secure the area

When you approach the Marina you’ll see that not all is right, the cultists are back to take control of it again. Stay high in the air and keep moving while you rain fire down on the pickup trucks and any other cultists. Once all of them are dead, stick the landing and talk to Adelaide to conclude the mission and add her to the ranks.

(1 of 2) Take the pilot out once he leaves the helicopter at the garage

Take the pilot out once he leaves the helicopter at the garage (left), Stay up high to take less damage when securing the Marina. (right)


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