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Missing In Action

Ben Chard
Mission Acquisition Rewards
Eli Palmer, Wolf’s Den 600 RP

(1 of 2) The Visitor Center is only a short distance to the west

The Visitor Center is only a short distance to the west (left), Eli gives you this mission upon talking to him for the first time. (right)

Reach the Visitor’s Center

After you finish the mission The World Is Weak, you’ll awake in the Wolf’s Den, the hub area for the Whitetail Mountains. Talk to Eli here to begin the search for his people that have been taken.

The Visitor’s Center itself is west of the Wolf’s Den, stock up on ammo and bring some silenced weapons with you.

Militia hostages rescued [4]

Approach from the hill to the east, this will give you a great vantage point to use the binoculars and tag all the cultists here. It goes without saying that you want to do this as quietly as possible to avoid hostages being shot. Take Eli up on his advice and head through the drainage pipe found at the bottom of the hill you’re on.

Head through the pipe and takedown the first cultist to your left from behind the cover before going behind the truck to get the jump on the cultist roughing up the nearby hostage. Continue up the hill here to the next cultist and take him out from behind the safety of the wall.

Climb over this small wall yourself now and wait for the next one to exit the visitor center, get behind him and dispatch him. Head around the back, up the hill and behind the souvenir shop to get behind the patrol and dispatch him. This leaves you the last two in the shop itself, wait for the one nearest the broken window to move and climb into it, wait for the cultist at the back to move to the other side and dispatch them both.

(1 of 2) Use the drainage pipe here to get closer

Use the drainage pipe here to get closer (left), climb through the window here and hide behind the counter. (right)

With the area clear of hostiles you can now liberate all the hostages. There’s one inside the Souvenir shop, one just outside, one in the Visitor center and the final one out at the front.

Reach the Hawkeye Tunnel

You’ll discover that two more of Eli’s people have been taken up to Devil’s Drop and are about to be executed, head there immediately by jumping on the nearby quad and taking the road to the right up the mountain.

Rescue the Whitetails [2]

Stop as you approach the tunnel, the cultists have a roadbloack set up. Take out your binoculars and tag the enemies from afar and then start making your way towards the tunnel. Instead of charging through the front, take the small mountain path up to the left of it.

As you round the corner here, you’ll find the two hostages followed by three cultists. You don’t have long here before the first cultist is executed, if you got here quick enough you can drop behind the cultist in the middle to dispatch him before quickly headshotting the other two nearby.

(1 of 2) If you're quick you can get here before all the cultists meet up

If you're quick you can get here before all the cultists meet up (left), destroy the helicopter as quickly as possible. (right)

At this point pull out an assault rifle and begin clearing the tunnel from this position, don’t release the hostages yet. You’ll have to deal with a helicopter that approaches from behind you too, quickly take aim with an RPG and blast it out of the sky before he can fill the hostages with bullets. Once all threats are gone, release the two hostages to conclude the mission.


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