Mission AcquisitionRewards
Miss Mable, Peaches Taxidermy600 RP, Peaches Specialist

(1 of 2) You’ll find the taxidermy to the northern part of Henbane River

You’ll find the taxidermy to the northern part of Henbane River (left), Miss Mable awaits at the top of this valley. (right)

Head to Peaches Taxidermy in the northern reaches of the Henbane River to find Miss Mable who will inform you that her pet cougar is on the loose and tasks you with finding her. After speaking to Miss Mable go over to Peaches pen and take her “special treats” from the bag.

Reach the nearby camp to find Peaches

You’ll now need to head south down the path to a small camp, use the binoculars and tag the four enemies. Peaches will already be in battle with the four cultists so ready your gun and assist her in killing them. With the area clear, open the weapon wheel and select “Peaches Treat” from the bottom and throw one to have Peaches come running.

Lead Peaches back home with her treats

You’ll now have to escort the cougar back to Miss Mable’s house by enticing her with the treats (you have an unlimited amount of these) in your possession. You’ll have to throw them somewhat close to the last one, ususaly an extra 10 yards is enough.

On your way back along the path you’ll first come upon two wolves, take them out by any means and continue along defeating two more cultists. As you approach the house you’ll see all is not right as the cultists have arrived.

Secure Miss Mable’s home with Peaches’ help

With the house under attack by multiple cultists, you’ll need to take them out with either Peaches or your trusty guns. It’s actually easier to let Peaches run wild herself while you pick off the enemies with an assault rifle.

(1 of 2) Use the height to your advantage at the camp

Use the height to your advantage at the camp (left), throw the bait into a group to have Peaches wreck havoc. (right)

Lure Peaches into her pen

Once all the cultists are dead it’s time to bring Peaches back to her pen. You may find that she’s retreated from the area around the house, in which case go back down the path a short distance to find her and redirect her into the pen by leading a trail of the bait inside. Finally, talk with Mable to give her the good news, she in turn lets you take Peaches with you concluding the mission.

Trophy icon
Peachy Keen

Bait Peaches into going back home (Solo Campaign only).


Note: Peaches is excellent at clearing outposts and other areas while remaining undetected as you can order her to silently kill enemies with her Pounce skill.

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