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Ben Chard
Mission Acquisition Rewards
Eli Palmer, Wolf’s Den upon completion of Missing In Action 900 RP

(1 of 2) The Grand View Hotel is just west of the F.A.N.G. Center

The Grand View Hotel is just west of the F.A.N.G. Center (left), accept the mission from Eli at the Wolf's Den. (right)

Reach the Grand View Hotel

Return to Eli at the Wolf’s Den after you’ve completed Missing In Action to undertake another task of great importance. There’s another militant who’s been subjected to the same trauma as you back at the Grand View Hotel. Be sure to bring a weapon capable of doing lots of damage as well as a silenced weapon and an RPG (or plenty of explosives), you’ll be needing them.

The Hotel is located north of the Wolf’s Den and you’ll want to approach from the overlook to the southwest of the compound, this gives you a great view over the entire area allowing you to tag the cultists with your binoculars.

Search for Briggs in the Hotel

When you’re ready, head down the hill towards the first cultist in the car park and take him out before taking out the patrol as well. You can now hide behind this wall and either snipe the first Marksman on the hotel balcony or have Jess do it. Climb over this short wall now and drop into the ditch below, crossing over to the other side and taking the patrol out as he passes by.

Go back toward the center and wait for the cultist on the raised platform to face east, allowing you to climb onto the platform and dispatch him. Drop back down and take out the patrol close to the entrance of the hotel before heading south and killing the other patrol clearing out the courtyard.

(1 of 2) Eliminate the two cultists in the car park first

Eliminate the two cultists in the car park first (left), crossing the ditch allows you to sneak up closer. (right)

Facing the entrance, circle around to the right and take out the first patrol before reaching the back of the house. You’ll see some stairs leading up, there’s a Marksman and one patrol here. Wait for the Patrol to pass, allowing you to snap the neck of the Marksman before going back on yourself and eliminating the patrolling cultist too.

You can now follow the balcony and take the stairs up on the right to the top floor and enter the Hotel. The final cultist is patrolling up here, wait for your chance to dispatch him to clear the area of all hostiles. Take note of your surroundings here, there’s ammo littered all over the place with Med Kits and mounted guns on the balcony. There’s also a locked door on the ground floor which will have a variety of Armor-Piercing ammo and an RPG. The last business to take care off is to call out any useful Guns for Hire, Nick Rye being a useful one, before you find Briggs in Room 306 on the top floor.

Secure the area

After you insert the tape, you’ll need to secure the area from all the hostiles, there’s a large amount of cultists headed your way. Stealth goes out the window here, you need to put them down by any means necessary. Employ the usual tactics, use rockets or explosives on all pickup trucks and helicopters. Make use of the mounted guns on the balcony and be on constant guard of your surrounding area, they’ll approach from the entrance and the lake in general. Once the area is free of any hostiles, Eli will radio in and the mission will conclude.

(1 of 2) Use rockets or explosives on all vehicles

Use rockets or explosives on all vehicles (left), if you're not quick on destroying the helicopter, he'll drop off two armored cultists. (right)


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