Mission AcquisitionRewards
Resistance Level 2, Jacob SeedN/A

You’re being hunted!

Once you’ve passed Resistance Level 2, Jacob contacts you again to inform you that Joseph wants to talk to you and that his hunters are on their way. Like always, accept your fate and wait to be caught by the incoming capture party, it can’t be avoided.

Kill the final target before time runs out [00:45]

The first part of this mission will play out exactly the same as The World Is Weak other than a deer that appears in the third room, follow the directions there. Once you slide down the ramp at the end of the burning room however the mission continues.

Pick up the M249 and continue on, you’ll come across four enemies in this next room, one of whom rushes you. Continue into the hallway and take out one enemy in the room across from you. Turn to face the corridor and take aim at the other enemies down the end before firing at the enemy in the next door to your left. Head into the final room and take out the enemy on your right before rounding the corner for the last enemy.

(1 of 2) Watch out for the enemy rushing you in the first new room

Watch out for the enemy rushing you in the first new room (left), don’t rush down the corridor or this enemy on the left will surprise you. (right)

You’ll awaken from the lucid dream and find yourself at the bottom of Devil’s Drop where the mission will conclude.

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Welcome to Hope County, Montana. The fanatical cult known as The Project at Eden’s Gate have taken over the american state and left you, the new deputy, stranded without any outside help. Rise up against the cult and join the Resistance to take back Hope County in a beautiful open world.

This guide will be your companion to uncover and see everything there is to see. All missions, collectibles and Prepper Stashes are covered in detail illustrated with screenshots.

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