Mission AcquisitionRewards
Dr. Sarah Perkins, MCA Mobile Lab600 RP, Ultimate Hunter - Enhanced

(1 of 2) It’s only a short walk from the lumber mill

It’s only a short walk from the lumber mill (left), you’ll need to clear the area of Judges first before accepting the mission. (right)

A short distance to the east of the lumber mill is the MCA Mobile Lab and as you approach it, you’ll hear someone crying out for help. Dr. Perkins is under attack from three Judges and you’ll need to help her kill the three wolves. Once they’re dead you’ll be able to talk to her to begin the mission officially.

Reach Breakthrough Camp

Dr. Perkins knows where you might be able to get a live Judge for her sample, the Breakthrough Camp to the west of the lumber mill.

Secure the area

Once you reach the camp, you’ll want to climb the ladder of the water tower to be able to survery the area with your binoculars. The camp is well fortified with three VIPS, each of which have a Judge with them and a Marksman on one of the roofs. From your starting position on this tower, quietly snipe the Marksman (or have Jess do it).

Climb back down the ladder and wait for a patrol to pass by to the right, taking him out and leaving the body in a safe place. You can now cross to the other side and eliminate the cultist staring at the board and leave the body behind the nearby rocks. There’s another cultist that patrols close to this location, wait for him to get closer and take him out.

(1 of 2) This is perfect for Jess to kill silently

This is perfect for Jess to kill silently (left), stick to the roofs once the reinforcements arrive. (right)

Tip: Don’t be too disheartened if you’re spotted here as reinforcements later approach forcing you to more aggressive tactics, this just makes it a little easier to start with.

This will leave you with the VIPs and Judges, you can use Jess Black to take out the Judges when they’re alone allowing you to sneak up and take out the VIPs easier. At this point reinforcements arrive so turn to more aggressive tactics, start by getting on top of one of the structures to stay out of the way of the Judges and then begin firing. Once they’re all dead, you’ll need to wait for Dr. Perkins to arrive, take this time to loot all the bodies from your recent battle.

Trap a roaming Judge Wolf in the pen

Take the advice of Dr. Perkins and unassign any companions you may have so that they don’t shoot the Judge on site. Head to the pen and use the switch to open it and gain access to the trough. Now you’ll need to head over to the bodies of one of the VIPs you killed and pick it up and throw it inside the trough.

Don’t exit the pen yet, to your right is a stack of crates that you can climb. Stand on the top one and wait for a Judge to head in, this is your queue to scale over the pen and use the switch to trap it. With all this done, simply talk to Dr. Perkins to conclude the mission.

Wait for the Judge to enter fully before leaping over and hitting the switch.

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