Mission AcquisitionRewards
Mary May Fairgrave (Fall's End)600 RP, The Widowmaker vehicle

(1 of 2) You’ll find the truck stored at the Grain Elevator, northeast of town

You’ll find the truck stored at the Grain Elevator, northeast of town (left), Mary May will assign you the task of getting her father’s truck back. (right)

Reach the Grain Elevator

After you liberate Fall’s End, speak to Mary May Fairgrave in the Spread Eagle bar to accept this mission. You’ll need to head to the Grain Elevator which is located northeast from Fall’s End or south from the Hope County Clinic.

Get Inside the warehouse

You dont necessarily need to dispatch all the enemies here, you can get into the warehouse without causing any noise at all. The easiest route, should you already have the Locksmith Perk is to head around the back of the warehouse and lockpick the door gaining access. You can also find a Key for this door but that involves sneaking around the area and taking out guards which is not recommended.

The alternative way is the same approach for the Vespiary Prepper Stash in this same location by heading around the back of the other building, climbing onto the roof and into the building via the boarded window before following the path to the Prepper Stash at the top. From here you can zipline down onto the warehouse roof and inside.

However you choose to get inside, take control of the Widowmaker and drive out of the area.

(1 of 2) Save yourself a lot of hassle with the Locksmith Perk

Save yourself a lot of hassle with the Locksmith Perk (left), alternatively take the Zipline to snag yourself a Prepper Stash in the process. (right)

Ram through the roadblocks [9]

You’ll now need to return The Widowmaker back to Fall’s End via ramming through roadblocks. This truck can take a huge beating so you won’t need to worry about it blowing up unless you’re really careless or drive into explosions.

Tip: The Widowmaker comes equipped with machineguns on the sides which can be fired with the [L1/LB] button making this even more of a monster truck!

After you leave the warehouse, you’ll need to take a left out of the compound and then you’ll get directions on where to take the truck. Maintain your speed while going through the roadblocks, using the machineguns to aid you in stopping any other cultists that may try and get in your way.

You’ll need to shoot gas trucks from distance and then avoid the explosions and aim to ram the roadblocks in the centre to maintain speed at all times.

(1 of 2) Shoot the pickup trucks form distance, the explosions could kill you

Shoot the pickup trucks form distance, the explosions could kill you (left), gas trucks should be your main priority. (right)

Return The Widowmaker

Once you’ve gone through the 9th roadblock you’ll need to take the truck back to Fall’s End, follow the same road you’re on and you’ll be back in the town. Once you reach the Spread Eagle bar, reverse and park the truck into the drive before talking to Mary May. The mission will complete and you’ll add The Widowmaker to your option of vehicles at any garage, a very useful tool indeed.

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