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How to Defeat Bipbap

Scott Peers

Bipbap Location & Profile

You’ll find Bipbap between Fob Alpha and Fob Bravo, in the northern part of the island, or just southeast of the Armory of Reckoning Outpost. Their profile is as follows:

“The mercenary Bipbap is among the most dangerous Unggoys known to the UNSC. Once a bodyguard for high-ranking Covenant officials, Bipbap earned his reputation for ruthlessness in service of the chieftain Tartarus, slaying scores of his own people for siding with the Elites in the Great War. Following the collapse of the Covenant, Bipbap returned to his homeworld of Balaho to refashion himself as an assassin for hire, and was so successful that he was granted the title of ‘Vanquishier’ by his clan. Bipbap is notorious for numerous acts of widespread destruction on the colony of Venezia, where his relentless and ruthless pursuit of his targets - and the collateral damage caused along the way - resulted in over 830 human casualties.”

The location of Bipbap, between Fob Alpha and Fob Bravo.

How to Defeat Bipbap

This is one of the easiest high-value targets to complete, but Bipbap and his allies can still cause you some trouble if you’re not prepared, especially on legendary difficulty. The main threats to look out for initially are the Jackal snipers which are positioned on the cliff edges surrounding the area. You should take these out first to avoid being killed in one hit to the head. There’s a high concentration of enemies in general in this area, so it’s a good idea to retain cover from one of the cliff edges above where Bipbap patrols as you thin their numbers. You should be able to take out Bipbap from a location above relatively easily with an accurate weapon such as the BR75 - Precision Rifle or S7 Sniper Rifle, but you can save him for later if he’s not within your sights to begin with.

Once you’ve killed a number of the Grunts and Jackals in the area, reinforcements will arrive in the form of two elite melee Brutes. These will immediately begin to charge you at speed, making that cliffside position all the more valuable. You should be able to take both of them out before they reach you without much trouble, especially if you can land some headshots. However, if they do get a bit too close be sure to use your Grappleshot to gain higher ground. There’s only one wave of reinforcements for Bipbap, so once you’ve killed the Brutes it’s just a matter of mopping up the rest of his allies and finishing him off if you haven’t done so earlier in the fight. Be sure to make use of your grenades to disperse some of the groups of enemies, and shoot the blast coils to introduce some Area of Effect damage chaos.

(1 of 4) Shoot the blast coils to create explosions and damage multiple groups.


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