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Halo Infinite

How to Defeat En'Geddon

Scott Peers

En’Geddon Location & Profile

You’ll find En’Geddon in the southwestern part of the map, just west of Fob Hotel, or southeast of Fob Golf. His profile is as follows:

En’Geddon parted ways with the Covenant alongside both Atriox and Decimus, a mere foot soldier of the alien alliance until his service in the Banished unlocked his true potential. Upon returning his clan in Zomar, a major city on the Jiralhanae colony-moon of Teash, En’Geddon rallied those who had remained to Join the Banished, forging his identity as their chieftain. And it was here, that this savage leader began to gain his destruction renown. Like other Banished leaders, En’Geddon led a distinctive subset of warriors, the Bulwark of Bone, gathering its own followers before coming to service of Atriox’s campaign. In the Banished, the chieftain proceeded to carve a violent path through dozens of human colonies, most notably Seaford and Vuryonos, large-scale raiding operations that left the worlds crippled in their wake.

The location of En’Geddon, west of Fob Hotel.

How to Defeat En’Geddon

En’Geddon is a Chieftain Brute who wields a modified Gravity Hammer, known as the Rushdown Hammer. This hammer increases the run speed and jump height of the wielder, which makes it an effective weapon for you to use once you’ve defeated En’Geddon. However, for now you’ll need to worry about En’Geddon’s ability to rush and crush you within seconds. He can leap forward from a great distance to land a crushing blow, and you won’t be able to sustain many of these before he kills you. You can approach this fight in two ways: either take your time and pick off individual enemies which accompany En’Geddon, or jump into the fight and keep moving through the area as you kite En’Geddon and kill other enemies in the area. The latter is the more intense and potentially more fun option, but the former is much safer.

If you want to kill all the enemies in the area before dealing with En’Geddon, one of the most effective ways to do this is by using a AV-49 Wasp. You’ll need about 2,600 Valor points to summon one at a fob, but if you’re able to you can use it to fly above the area where En’Geddon patrols and take out all the enemies below from a safe distance, alternating between missiles and machine gun fire from the Wasp. However, if you choose to do this you’ll need to be careful to avoid incoming fire from any enemies who are wielding vehicle-disabling weapons such as the Disruptor or Shock Rifle. You’ll find that some Grunts will use Disruptors, while Brutes favor the Shock Rifle. Take these out first to ensure that you’re not shot down too soon.

However you decide to do it, once you’ve dealt with the additional enemies in the area (including a few more elites which will spawn as reinforcements), you can focus on bringing En’Geddon down. You’ll find this incredibly easy in the AV-49 Wasp, since you can just shoot at him from above, and since he has no ranged weapons he won’t be able to fight back. However, if you want a bit more of a challenge you can exit the Wasp and face En’Geddon on foot. He’ll immediately charge at you and he’ll spam hammer attacks relentlessly, so you’ll need to keep moving to avoid these. The Grappleshot provides an excellent method of escape from an incoming melee attack, since you can use it on any object, including trees. You can also use the Thruster to quickly escape melee range for a brief period. This is particularly useful while the Grapple is on cooldown.

As you kite En’Geddon through the area, around the nearby objects and the trees, you can turn back for brief periods and shoot at him to deplete his energy shield. Once the shield is down you’ll want a highly damaging gun such as the Sentinel Beam or Cindershot to inflict massive damage, or alternatively you can use a gun with rapid fire such as the MA40 AR - Assault Rifle. The former weapons are more forgiving to poor aim, whereas the latter will reward good aim, especially if you can get consistent headshots. Removing En’Geddon’s helmet by shooting him in the head multiple times will expose him to a one shot hit to the head, which will kill him instantly if your aim is true.

(1 of 4) You can use the Wasp to easily eliminate all nearby enemies, and defeat En’Geddon without ever touching the ground.

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