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Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass Rewards

Scott Peers

This page details all of the available rewards for the Fracture: Tenrai Event. Includes how to get each reward at different levels and the different types of rewards including Yoroi Spartan Armor, Samurai emblems, armor and weapon coatings, and challenge swaps / XP grants.

Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass, Halo Infinite.

How to Get the Fracture: Tenrai Rewards

Upcoming Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass Dates

There are 30 rewards in total on offer for the Fracture: Tenrai event pass. All of the rewards are free, but each one is tied to a specific level for the event. You’ll earn XP to gain levels by completing event-specific challenges, more on which is detailed here. Unfortunately you won’t be able to get all of the event rewards in the first week of the event, since you’ll only have access to 7 challenges associated with the Fracture: Tenrai event per week of the event. There are currently 6 weeks of the Fracture: Tenrai event planned, with dates as follows:

Week Dates
Week 1 November 23 - November 29
Week 2 January 4 - January 10
Week 3 February 1 - February 7
Week 4 February 22 - February 28
Week 5 March 29 - Aprril 4
Week 6 April 19 - April 25

This means that you can earn a maximum of 7 rewards per Fracture: Tenrai weekly event, so you’ll need to complete all challenges for the event for at least 5 out of the 6 weeks if you want to get all the rewards on offer, including the full armor set. We’ve listed each reward in their specific categories and the level at which you can get them below.

Yoroi Spartan Armor Set

Reward Type Level
Yoroi Legendary Armor core 5
Gatekeeper Legendary Left Shoulder Pad 10
Gatekeeper Legendary Right Shoulder Pad 15
Yokai Legendary Helmet 25
Spring Blossom Filter Legendary Helmet Attachment 29
Swordsman’s Belt Legendary Utility 30

Armor & Weapon Coatings

Reward Type Level
Sol Devil Legendary Weapon Coating 20
Whispered Sky Epic Weapon Coating for MK50 Sidekick Pistol 24
Whispered Sky Epic Weapon Coating for BR75 Battle Rifle 28

Samurai Emblems & Backdrops

Reward Type Level
Torii Reflection Epic Backdrop 1
Samurai Rare Nameplate 4
Samurai Rare Vehicle Emblem 9
Samurai Rare Armor Emblem 14
Samurai Rare Weapon Emblem 19

Challenge Swaps & XP Grants

Reward Type Level
Challenge Swap Common Consumable 2
XP Grant Common Consumable 3
Challenge Swap Common Consumable 6
XP Grant Common Consumable 7
XP Grant Common Consumable 8
Challenge Swap Common Consumable 11
XP Grant Common Consumable 12
XP Grant Common Consumable 13
Challenge Swap Common Consumable 16
XP Grant Common Consumable 17
XP Grant Common Consumable 18
Challenge Swap Common Consumable 21
XP Grant Common Consumable 22
XP Grant Common Consumable 23
Challenge Swap Common Consumable 26
XP Grant Common Consumable 27

How to Use Challenge Swaps and XP Grants

If you’re not familiar with them, Challenge Swaps can be used to swap an existing challenge for a new one. This can be useful if you’re struggling to complete a specific challenge on the last day of an event, but we’d only recommend using them if you absolutely need to, and only on the last day of the event. You’ll have all week to complete the challenges and you may surprise yourself in terms of what challenges you’re capable of completing.

XP Grants will appear in the boosts tab of the game menu. They’ll usually grant a good chunk of XP towards the next level, which translates to more rewards. The challenges that you receive will be specific to you, so you won’t necessarily be completing the same challenges that the people you play with are. You can view your upcoming challenges by clicking on the challenges tab from the Heroes of Reach Battle Pass menu.

(1 of 4) The rewards available for each level can be viewed from the Event Pass page.


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