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Halo Infinite


Shane Williams

This page details how to use the Mangler in Halo Infinite Multiplayer. Includes a basic stats overview and strengths & weaknesses of the weapon.

How to Use the Mangler

The Mangler.

Basic Stats Overview

Type Magazine Ammunition type Scope Alt Fire
Pistol 8 Spikes 1x N/A

The Mangler is a new pistol which was introduced in Halo Infinite and is mostly found being used by the Banished. This weapon can be found around most of the maps in both Quick Play and Big Team Battle. This weapon fires a single spike for a bullet and can seem very weak when you first pick it up. However, those that can learn how to wield it properly will come to realise that its one of the most powerful weapons in the game. One of the downsides to this weapon is that it takes a while to strip the enemies shield, so you’ll want to take a Plasma weapon, such as the Plasma Carbine or Plasma Pistol or Energy Sword. This will allow you to use an energy weapon to strip the shield and then swap over to the Mangler and eliminate the opponent with a single headshot.

Strengths of the Mangler

The Mangler is a good choice for a secondary weapon for close to medium range combat but it’s also very capable at long range gunfights if you can get to grips with it’s recoil. If you’re accurate then this weapon can take down most enemies a couple headshots, but if you aim for the opponents body then you’ll notice it takes multiple shots which will make you vulnerable if you’re fighting multiple people at once. You’ll never want to use this weapon as a primary choice as its not effective against shields, but if you combine it with a plasma weapon then you’ll find yourself being able to take out people very quickly.

Weaknesses of the Mangler

The biggest weakness for the Mangler is that it struggles to strip enemies shields, so unless you’re navigating the map with your teammates you’ll find yourself a major disadvantage as you’ll need to strip the enemies shields with an energy weapon and switch over whereas the enemy can just simple spray one magazine of the MA40 Assault Rifle. Another weakness with this weapon is that it only has a clip size of eight bullets, so if you don’t have someone assist you with stripping the shields and you don’t make every bullet count then you’ll find yourself vulnerable whilst reloading. However, this weapon can be reloaded really quickly which allows you to get straight back into the fight.

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