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Halo Infinite


Scott Peers

This page details how to use the Ravager in Halo Infinite Multiplayer. Includes a basic stats overview and strengths & weaknesses of the weapon.

Ravager, Halo Infinite.

How to Use the Ravager

Basic Stats Overview

Type Magazine Ammunition Scope Alt Fire
Energy - Plasma 5 bursts of fire / 1 charged shot Plasma 1x Yes

The Ravager is a Banished weapon which is similar to a grenade launcher, although it fires “globs of punishing plasma” rather than grenades. It has two fire modes, the default being one that fires three globs of plasma, and the secondary one which allows you to charge the weapon to release a devastating splurge of plasma, causing a fire in the area. You can use the default fire mode by tapping the fire button, and the secondary fire mode by holding it until the weapon is fully charged, which is indicated by flashing red lights on either side of the aim reticle. It takes 5 bursts of fire in the default mode before the weapon requires cooling, and one charged shot. The cooling period for the weapon is about 2.5 seconds - 3 seconds.

Strenghts of the Ravager

The Ravager is arguably best used as a support weapon in a cohesive team, primarily for the purpose of denying space. This is because despite its name, the Ravager doesn’t actually do that much damage compared to other power weapons. It takes 3 - 4 shots of default fire to kill most opponents, and the charged shot will rarely kill an opponent without them being finished off by something else first. However, the charged shot does splurge out as large explosion which results in a large area being covered in fire. This should deter many opponents from running through it, especially if their shield has been popped, and is therefore useful when denying space. You’ll find this weapon most useful on smaller maps with fewer open spaces, such as Aquarius, Recharge, and Streets. However, it has its uses on larger maps if you’re with an organised group and you encounter a number of enemies in a more enclosed part of the map.

Weaknesses of the Ravager

AS noted above, sadly the Ravager doesn’t really live up to its name. It has relatively weak firing power in its default mode, and the alternative mode of a charged shot can waste precious moments while other players might have the advantage with a more precise weapon such as the BR75 - Precision Rifle or Stalker Rifle. The low velocity of the plasma globs can make it difficult to hit enemies at medium to long ranges, and even at close range the weapon is so imprecise that you may often miss shots which would be easy to make with other weapons, even if your aim is on point. We can’t really recommend this weapon outside of very specific circumstances where you might want to look like you’re causing chaos, or deny space with explosions and fire.

The below gif demonstrates the effectiveness of the charged shot, and the comparatively poor default fire mode:

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