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Halo Infinite

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MK50 Sidekick - Pistol

Scott Peers

This page details how to use the MK50 Sidekick Pistol in Halo Infinite Multiplayer. Includes a basic stats overview and strengths & weaknesses of the weapon.

MK50 Sidekick, Halo Infinite.

How to Use the MK50 Sidekick - Pistol

Basic Stats Overview

Type Magazine Ammunition Scope Alt Fire
Pistol 12 Regular Bullets 1x N/A

The MK50 Sidekick - Pistol is your primary sidearm in any Quick Play or Big Team Battle match. You won’t have access to it by default in Ranked Arena games, but you can sometimes find it to pick up as you explore the map. Although it’s primarily used as a side arm, the MK50 is actually incredibly powerful for a pistol. You can easily take out an enemy with it if your aim is on point, but it’s perhaps most useful to whip out towards the end of a gun fight, usually once you’ve ran out of ammunition with your primary weapon. In this scenario, the pistol has a fairly high rate of fire which you can use to quickly finish off any enemies whose energy shields have been popped. Speed is important in this context, since your opponent will be seeking to do the same thing.

Strengths of the MK50 Sidekick - Pistol

The MK50 pistol performs well in most situations, but it’s arguably best used at short to medium range. The closer the enemy is, the easier you’ll find it to aim with this pistol. This is particularly true because the pistol actually has a considerable amount of recoil, something which can be difficult to handle when you’re attempting to aim at long range. That being said, the pistol can be used to hit enemies who are further away, especially with the somewhat limited scope capacity that is has, but you shouldn’t expect the same level of success unless your aim is sufficiently accurate. As noted above, the best use scenario for this pistol is as a last minute method to finish off enemies once you’re out of primary ammunition. You’ll often take the upper hand if you switch to the pistol rather than wait to reload your primary weapon.

Weaknesses of the MK50 Sidekick - Pistol

The main weakness of the MK50 is the fact that there are much more powerful weapons on offer which are effective at short to mid range, such as the various assault and precision rifles, and the CQS48 Bulldog - Shotgun. In general, these will inflict more damage than the MK50, and will therefore be more effective in a one-on-one with either weapon. However, the chances of your starting a fight with the MK50 should be relatively low, since you’ll almost always have a primary weapon which you will use to inflict the initial damage to an enemy. If we consider the MK50 being used primarily as a side arm, it has very few weaknesses thanks to its fast response and rate of fire. The pistol will be consistently useful in short to mid range combat, but its usefulness diminishes the further away your targets are.

The MK50 is best used as a secondary side arm, but it can be effective even at long range when necessary:

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