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Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass Challenges

Scott Peers

This page details a number of challenges which are specific to the Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass. Includes tips for how to complete the challenges to earn rewards such as the Yoroi Armor Set.

How to Complete Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass Challenges

Earning XP in the Slayer Fiesta Game Mode

The only way that you can earn XP for the new Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass is by completing challenges which are specific to the event. These will be marked by an orange banner on your Active Challenges and Upcoming Challenges tab from the Season 1 - Heroes of Reach menu. This means that you won’t earn XP just from completing matches in the new Slayer Fiesta game mode, which is exclusive to the Fracture: Tenrai event, in the same way that you can for regular Battle Pass challenges. Since you only have one week to complete 7 challenges specific to the event (until the next event week, more on that here), you’ll want to make sure that you can complete the challenges before the event expires.

Different Challenge Types in Slayer Fiesta Matches

Unfortunately, some of the challenges will be rather difficult to complete, since they depend not only on your own skill and chance encounters, but also on the random chance in relation to whether your opponents fulfil the challenge requirements. For example, one of the challenges, Dream After Dream, requires you to end the killing spree of an opponent by killing them, so you’ll need to hope that you encounter an opponent who manages to go on a killing spree, but also that you can be the one to stop them. If that wasn’t challenging enough on its own, the challenge requires you to do this 5 times.

Although this may seem like a lot to ask, keep in mind that a killing spree triggers when a player kills 5 opponents in a row without dying, which isn’t too difficult to achieve for many players. The difficulty comes in being the one to end that spree, but we did it twice in one match, so with enough games you should get there within a week.

(1 of 3) The new Slayer Fiesta game mode is similar to the regular Slayer mode, only here you'll spawn with different power weapons each time you respawn.

There are plenty of easier challenges specific to the Fracture: Tenrai event that you’ll encounter, ranging from the easiest Autumn Wind of Eve, which requires you to complete Slayer Fiesta matches, or Hold Forth the Sword, which requires that you win Slayer Fiesta matches. Others include Disappear Like Dew, which requires you to kill enemy Spartans with headshots, and Two Awakenings, which requires you to get a double kill (kill two enemy Spartans within 4 seconds of each other). You’ll find that you might get the same challenge in the same week, but the number requirement will be different. For example, we had Disappear Like Dew twice, but the first time we had to kill 5 enemy Spartans with headshots, and the second time we had to kill 10.

A lot of the challenges that you’ll receive during the Fracture: Tenrai event will require a certain level of skill to achieve. The headshot challenges in particular may be difficult for those who aren’t seasoned FPS players, but there are a few things you can do to practice. The Academy game mode allows you to use any gun on endless waves of bots, so that you can test the range and aim for each. Once you’re sufficiently familiar with different gun types, since you’ll be encountering a lot of them in the Fiesta matches, you can try creating custom games with bots to step it up a bit. Here you’ll encounter bots moving around, so that you can test your aim on moving targets. However, once you’re familiar with most of the gun types, we’d recommend just throwing yourself into the action. The random encounters will most likely result in you getting more headshots than you might expect, even without trying.

Ultimately, all of the challenges that you’ll receive for the Fracture: Tenrai event will require you to play Slayer Fiesta matches. It may take a lot of games to complete all 7 within one week, especially if you’re relying on other players to meet certain conditions for you to complete a challenge, but most of them should come naturally enough with a decent amount of play time. If you’re really struggling to complete a challenge and the last hours of the event are approaching, you can always try using a Challenge Swap to get something easier, but you’d be better off saving these until the last possible moment if you can.

You can practice headshots for specific challenges in the Academy and Custom game modes, or just rely on a combination of luck on skill first by throwing yourself into Fiesta matches!

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