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Halo Infinite

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How to Defeat Zeretus

Scott Peers

Zeretus Location & Profile

You’ll find Zeretus just northwest of Fob November, or northeast of Riven Gate. His profile is as follows:

One of the most senior officers in the Banished, Zeretus - known to his peers as “the scourgemaker” - was among the first to join the faction after Atriox made his stand against the Covenant. Since then, he’s been a critical component of Banished exploration efforts, leading numerous operations to scour Forerunner relic sites in search of critical assets - and destroying anything that stands in his way. In one such operation the ocean-moon Lagolim, Zeretus ordered the sinking of UEG research colony in pursuit of an ancient Forerunner site beneath the seas. Of the 1,244 scientists and analysts stationed there, none survived.

The location of Zeretus, northwest of Fob November.

How to Defeat Zeretus

The fight with Zeretus can be one of the tougher fights among high-value targets, especially if you’ve been relying on the AV-49 Wasp to cheese most of the fights. This is mostly because Zeretus wields a modified M41 SPNKR - Rocket Launcher known as the M41 Tracker. As the name suggests, this is pretty much the same as the original rocket launcher, but with an added tracking ability. This means that most shots fired at you while you’re in the sky will hit whatever you’re flying, and if the vehicle is destroyed while you’re in it, you’ll be killed instantly. You can still use a flying vehicle to reach the location where Zeretus patrols, but we recommend exiting the vehicle as soon as you engage.

Although you can’t rely on raining fire down on Zeretus and his allies from above, you can setup a good defensive position from the southeastern side of Zeretus’ location. From here you can pick off regular enemies with a precise weapon such as the BR75 - Precision Rifle, and throw grenades into the relatively small space that they occupy on the ground. At the same time, you’ll have excellent cover from the weapon racks and other Banished objects in front of you, and if you need a bit of additional cover, you can always summon a Drop Wall. If you do happen to become exposed to a shot from the M41 Tracker, you can dodge it at the last moment by using the Thruster. Otherwise, so long as you hold your ground, you can gradually diminish Zeretus’ allies from a relatively safe position.

The main reason why we suggest holding a position from the southeastern side is that Zeretus will actively avoid getting too close to you, since he relies on his powerful rocket launcher entirely. As such, he prefers to shoot from range, which will keep him at a safe distance away from you. However, you’ll eventually need to get closer to him to finish him off, and when the time comes you’ll have the best chances of killing him before he manages to fire his rocket launcher if you use a powerful weapon such as the Ravager or Cindershot. The best weapon to use against Zeretus is probably the modified version of the Sentinel Beam, which you can acquire from fobs after defeating Thav ’Sebarim. The Arcane Sentinel Beam has less magazine capacity, but inflicts massive damage, allowing you to eat through Zeretus’ shield and the remainder of his health in just a few seconds, so long as you’re accurate.

(1 of 2) Be sure to use the Drop Wall to provide additional cover, but keep an eye on which parts of the shield have been destroyed and avoid those areas.

Be sure to use the Drop Wall to provide additional cover, but keep an eye on which parts of the shield have been destroyed and avoid those areas. (left), You can pick off enemies from the southeastern side of the area, which Zeretus should stay on the other side of the weapon rack. (right)

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