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Halo Infinite

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Live Fire

Shane Williams

This page is a guide for everything you need to know about the Map, Live Fire. Here you’ll find out all the Weapon, Equipment and Vehicle Spawn locations as well as tips and tricks on how to outplay your opponent on the different game modes.

Overlook of Live Fire.

Weapon Spawns

Recharge is a medium sized map where one team spawns in the Canal and the other at the House. This map features several different weapon spawn locations for Pistols, Tactical Rifles, SMGs, Pulse Carbines, Shotguns, and Power Weapons. These Spawns will remain in the same place but the weapon will be different each game. Below you’ll find where they spawn:

Pistol Location

The Spawn Point for the Pistol is located at the Canal and the Overlook. Here you can find the Plasma Pistol, Mangler or Disruptor.

Tactical Rifle Location

The Spawn Point for the Tactical Rifle is located at the Nest and House Elbow. Here you can find the BR75 Battle Rifle or the VK78 Commando.

Sub Machine Gun Location

The Spawn Point for the Sub Machine Gun is located at the Turbine. Here you can find the Needler or the Sentinel Beam.

(1 of 5) The Power Equipment can be found on top of the Tunnel.

Pulse Carbine Location

The Spawn Point for the Pulse Carbine is located in the Tower.

Shotgun Location

The Spawn Point for the Shotgun is located at the center of the Tunnel. Here you can find the Heatwave or the CQS48 Bulldog.

Power Weapon Location

The Spawn Point for the Power Weapon is located at the Hallway. Here you can find the Skewer or the S7 Sniper Rifle.

Equipment Spawn Locations

You can find three types of equipment on the Recharge, such as the Drop Wall, Repulsor, and either the Active Camo or the Overshield.

Drop Wall Location

The Spawn Point for the Drop is located on the wall near the Brutes.

Repulsor Location

The Spawn Point for the Repulsor is located at the Yard near the green building.

Overshield or Active Camo Location

The Spawn Point for the Overshield or Active Camo is located on top of the Turbine.

Game Modes

Live Fire is used for Strongholds, Oddball, and Slayer. Strongholds is essentially Domination from Call of Duty and requires one team to reach 200 points on Quickplay and 250 on Ranked. In order to score points you’ll need to hold two points. Holding three is not only more difficult, but there’s no reward for the extra work, as it’ll always be 1 point per second.

Slayer is basically Team Deathmatch from Call of Duty and requires one team to reach 50 points before the 12 minute timer runs out. Finally, Oddball is a unique mode that has been a part of Halo Series since Halo 3. The Objective for Oddball requires one team to hold the ball for 100 seconds in two rounds which adds up to 200 points.


Slayer is also a good game mode but it requires good communication and sticking beside your teammates so you can gang up on the opponents. Make sure to stick to the Tunnel and House sections of the map as you’ll have more cover to hide behind and wait for your shields to regenerate. Also, be sure to grab the Power Weapon/Equipment to prevent the opposition from getting the advantage.


Strongholds is a very difficult mode to win if all four players aren’t communicating and playing in top form, as if the opposition gets a momentum going you’ll be struggling to hold any points for a while. There’s two strategies to winning on the mode, so you may switch up your game plan if one isn’t working out.

The first of which is by grabbing points and having two teammates sitting on each to defend. Alternatively, you can grab two points and if the opposition is capturing one of yours, then take their one as it’ll most likely be free. For Live Fire holding A and B is easier as they a closeby whereas C is on the opposite side of the map.


The Oddball on Live Fire Spawns in the Center of the Tunnel, so you want all members of the team to rush it to ensure you get it before your opponent. From here, head to the House section of the map and get your ball carrier to stand near the House Window so they can melee anyone trying to enter. As for the remaining three teammates, one can cover the House Elbow whilst the others hold off the main entrance and tunnel.

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