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Halo Infinite

How to Defeat Myriad

Scott Peers

Myriad Location & Profile

You’ll find Myriad south of Fob Juliet, or north of Fob Kilo, directly west from Riven Gate outpost. Their profile is as follows:

Recent reports on the Lekogolo species have revealed some rather interesting - and in some cases unsettling - observations. In particular related to the strain of combat-ready forms known as mgalekgolo. We’ve noticed a behavioral evolution in scattered instances trending towards a more individualized identity and intelligence, rather than simply an order-following hivemind. We encountered this in recent years with the Swarmlords that served alongside a dangerous independent faction of ex-Covenant evocati led by Ke ‘Nzahz, as well as classified reports of a bond-pair known simply as Colony. Our current attentions have turned towards a unified bond-pair called Myriad. Single-handedly responsible for the deaths of two S-IV fireteams, Myriad represents not only an immediate danger to UNSC forces, but also another dangerous precedent in the species’ evolution.

The location of Myriad, south of Fob Juliet.

How to Defeat Myriad

The Myriad hunters are two of the most deadly hunters in Halo Infinite. However, they behave in much the same way that other hunters do. They just have more health and inflict more damage. They also tend to move more quickly for longer periods, so you’ll need to make good use of the Grappleshot to escape close range combat where necessary. There aren’t as many other additional enemies in the area for this fight, just a few Brutes, Jackals, and Grunts. You should kill these early on to avoid being flanked by them, but remember where you killed them so that you can go back to pick up their guns. The large health pools of the Myriad hunters means that you’ll almost certainly run out of ammunition with your primary weapons. Speaking of which, you’ll benefit from using the highest damage weapons that you can find or summon from a fob here. In particular, a Gravity Hammer will inflict massive damage to both hunters, and will also interrupt their attacks if you can time your hits properly (you’ll essentially need to spam melee attacks with the hammer at close range).

In terms of ranged weapons, the Ravager, Sentinel Beam, Cindershot, Skewer, and M41 SPNKR - Rocket Launcher will all inflict massive damage to the hunters, so if you don’t have access to a Gravity Hammer we’d recommend using one of these. You’ll also find the modified Cindershot on a nearby pedestal, which you gain access to at any fob once you’ve defeated the hunters. You can still use it here, though with limited ammunition. It’s essentially the same as the original, but it fires chain explosions from its ammunition. If you really want to cheese the fight, you can always use a AV-49 Wasp to shoot at the hunters from above while maintaining a safe distance, but you’ll still need to be careful to avoid their incoming fire. If you run out of ammunition with your primary weapons, be sure to pick up those which have been dropped by enemies, or take one from the nearby weapon rack. You’ll also find a Shock Rifle in the area, which inflicts decent damage to the hunters and can chain damage between them.

Ultimately, this fight is about good movement, accurate aim, and perseverance. The hunters are fairly predictable in their attacks, but they will combine slow movement with swift bursts of speed which can sometimes take you by surprise, so you should keep your eye on their movements at all times. So long as you maintain consistent fire and kite the hunters around the structure in the centre of the area, without actually leaving the area (which will reset the fight), you should take them down fairly easily.

(1 of 4) You can use a Ghost vehicle at the beginning of the fight, but it won’t take long for the hunters to destroy it if you’re not careful.

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