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How to Defeat Inka 'Saham

Scott Peers

Inka ’Saham Location & Profile

You’ll find Inka ’Saham on the northernmost part of the map, on a small island which can only be reached by flying there in a Banshee or AV-49 Wasp. Their profile is as follows:

“Inka ‘Saham grew in notoriety during the Covenant War as shipmaster of the DAS-class storm cutter Heresy’s Sorrow which repeatedly harassed UNSC supply lines and UEG trade routes. After the collapse of the Covenant, ’Saham struck an alliance with the War Chief Escharum, and dedicated the service of his ship and crew to the Banished. In 2559, a Spartan-IV headhunter was dispatched to assassinate ’Saham, but the mission failed; according to reports, our operative was held and tortured as a prisoner of war, not to obtain UNSC intel but simply for ‘Saham’s enjoyment. Since then, ’Saham has been inducted into the Bloodstars, a Banished spec-ops group repurposed to train warriors in the art of eliminating Spartans.”

The location of Inka 'Saham, in the northernmost part of the map.

How to Defeat Inka ’Saham

The fight with Inka ‘Saham can be fairly tough on the higher difficulties, mostly due to the concentration of elite Brutes alongside two powerful plasma cannons in the area. A shot from any of these can kill you in one hit to the head on legendary, so you’ll need to be extremely careful to avoid incoming fire by using the nearby rock formations as cover points. If you approach Inka ‘Saham from the west, you’ll have a good overview of the area and you can take out the snipers on top of the rock surfaces first. It’s a good idea to wait for more enemies to come to you at this point, rather than run into them yourself. There’s one Ghost vehicle that you’ll need to deal with, but you can then use it to inflict some heavy fire power on enemies in the area, while maintaining a good level of maneuverability.

The two plasma cannons will cause you some trouble if you’re exposed to them, but you can take them out by throwing blast coils or grenades at them, or gradually decrease the strength the shield by shooting at it and kill the enemies who are mounting the cannon. Alternatively, you can goad enemies to approach you behind one of the large rocks in the area, where you can take them out one at a time, including Inka ‘Saham. However, as you take down Inka ‘Saham’s health, there’s a chance he’ll enter stealth mode, so you’ll need to be ready to use your Threat Sensor to identify him while he’s invisible. Aim for the head, make good use of power weapons and the surrounding landscape to take cover, and you should be able to take out Inka ’Saham without too much trouble.

(1 of 4) You should take out the snipers on the hilltops first.


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