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Halo Infinite

How to Play the Stockpile Game Mode

Scott Peers

This page details how to play the Stockpile game mode in Halo Infinite. Includes the basics of point scoring, how to play well with a team, how to scavenge / steal enough Power Seeds and return them to your base to win a round.

Stockpile Match Conditions Overview

Big Team Battle Match Conditions

No. of Players Rounds to Win Time Limit Special Conditions
12 vs 12 3 15:00 Start with MA40 AR automatic rifle, friendly fire off, radar on

Scoreboard Points for Stockpile

Steal Power Seed Deliver Power Seed Kill Carrier
50 Points 100 Points 10 Points

How to Win a Stockpile Match

The basic principle of the Stockpile game mode is fairly simple: your team needs to acquire and deliver 5 Power Seeds before the enemy team does. The reality of this in a Big Team Battle is far more chaotic than it might sound. You’ll have enemies flanking you from every direction, vehicles flying around the map, and grenades being launched seemingly everywhere you step. All of this becomes much worse once you pick a Power Seed up, since you’ll become a prime target for the enemy. At the beginning of each round, a bunch of Power Seeds will spawn in a neutral area of the map. You’ll need to deliver 5 of them to your base in order to win the round. After the first round, another bunch of Power Seeds will spawn, and if there’s any left over from the previous round you can still acquire and deliver these to your base, making it possible to win a round much more quickly than the first. The first team to win 3 rounds wins the game.

Juggle / Throw Power Seeds

If you find yourself in a situation where there’s a bunch of Power Seeds in one area, rather than take one and run with it to your base, you can try moving all of them a bit closer to your base for as long as you can. The easiest way to do this (which doesn’t require any power items) is by picking up a Power Seed, throwing it in front of you, and doing the same to however many more you have in the area. You’ll often find that you can cover a surprising amount of ground doing this repeatedly, with the potential to bring all of the Power Seeds that you’re moving back to the base by yourself. If that fails, you’ve at least moved most of the seeds closer to the base, allowing your allies to pick some up and deliver them more quickly.

Use Vehicles to Carry Power Seeds

If you have an organised team, you can focus on obtaining a decent vehicle which is big enough for multiple players early on in the game. The Razorback is by far the best vehicle to use when transporting Power Seeds, since you can place two Power Seeds securely at the back of the Razorback in the same way that you can place weapons there. This means that regardless of how poor the skills of the driver are, the seeds will remain in place until the vehicle is destroyed, at which point they’ll simply fall to the ground. If you have three players in one Razorback, you can put two seeds on the back and have one player drive, while the other two players carry an additional seed each. If you manage to make this work early on, you’ll only need to deliver one more seed to win the round.

Aside from the Razorback, you can also have players with Power Seeds jump into vehicles such as the Rocket Warthog and the Scorpion. However, these are much less reliable than the Razorback since there’s less space and there’s nowhere to secure Power Seeds in place, as there is on the back of the Razorback. The regular Warthog can be useful to get from one place to another on your own more quickly than you would on foot, but it doesn’t have much use in terms of carrying Power Seeds. The other vehicles such as Wraith, Wasp, Banshee, Ghost, and Chopper can all be used to defend your base effectively or push an attack, but as with the Warthog they can’t really be used to transfer Power Seeds effectively. A good way of using these is to smash through enemy lines and force opponents to drop Power Seeds.

(1 of 5) You’ll notice icons on the map for your base, the enemy base, and the location of Power Seeds.

Use Power Items to Secure Seeds

The effective use of power equipment in a Stockpile game can really turn things around for your team. Most of the power items that will be available to you have a specific use here, although Threat Sensor and Drop Wall are arguably the least useful. The Overshield power has an obvious use in terms of allowing you to stay alive longer as you transport seeds, something which can be especially useful if you’re juggling and throwing multiple seeds at once. This will allow you to keep the seeds moving while your team deals with enemies firing at you, or while you briefly stop moving them to fight back, depending on how far away from the base you are. Another useful power for transporting Power Seeds is the Repulsor, which you can use to blast a number of seeds at a distance in front of you all at once. The blast will push the seeds towards your base much further and faster than juggling and throwing, so if you have the power be sure to make use of it.

The Thruster has limited use during Stockpile games, but it can allow you to avoid damage from incoming grenades or fire power from enemies in the area at the last moment. It’s particularly useful to throw off sniper fire, but even if you’re not being fired at it will still give you that extra bit of speed as you’re running with a Power Seed. If you manage to get your hands on the Grappleshot, this can actually be used to target Power Seeds. If you aim at a seed and use the power, it will harpoon the seed directly to you and land it into your hands. This can be useful in any situation, but especially if you have seeds near your base and time is short.

If you want to focus on stealing Power Seeds from the enemy base, there’s no better piece of power equipment than Active Camo. This will allow you to infiltrate enemy lines without being seen, granting you access to the base where you can proceed to steal Power Items, or kill a few enemies who might be protecting the base first. You’ll have at least 30 seconds once you’ve used the power to get the job done, so you’ll want to use it as close to the base as possible, rather than from the middle of the map.

How to Steal Power Seeds

The main objective for your team is to deliver as many Power Seeds as possible to your base, so it’s fair to say that your focus should be on securing those seeds. However, if the opposing team manage to snag most of the Power Seeds early on, you can disrupt their chances of obtaining a swift victory by sneaking or forcing your way into their base and stealing some of their Power Seeds. Ideally, you should aim to sneak into the base, since once you’ve been identified by the enemy you’re likely to meet an ever more fierce resistance until you’re dealt with. If you can sneak in, you should have enough time to steal one or two Power Seeds without being seen. However, it takes about 8 seconds to steal a seed once you begin the process, so you’ll need to make sure that there are no enemies nearby, and time your infiltration carefully.

Once you have a seed, the enemy will be alerted to the fact that one of their seeds has been stolen, so you’ll immediately become a target. For this reason it can be useful to have some transport nearby, preferably in the form of a Razorback, so that you can take the stolen seeds back to your own base as soon as possible. While it might be difficult to sneak in with a Razorback, you can have a teammate waiting to whisk in as soon as you’ve freed one or two seeds. Even if you can’t get back to your base with the seeds, removing them from the enemy base reduces their chances of placing the final seed if there’s only one left, and it gives your own team a bit more time to deliver seeds. This method can be especially useful if the winner of the game will be decided by who has the most seeds secured by the end of the round.

At the end of each round, you’ll still have access to Power Seeds which are present on the map while you wait for additional seeds to spawn. It’s important to make use of this time by securing those seeds as quickly as possible, so that your team can then focus on the newly spawned seeds. Below is an example of securing seeds between rounds:

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