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Halo Infinite

How to Defeat Chak 'Lok

Scott Peers

Boss Fight: Chak ’Lok

Now that you’ve obtained all the collectibles in the tower (excluding the IWHBYD Skull) which is at the top of the tower), you can continue upward until you reach the torture room. Here you’ll encounter the Elite Brute named Chak ’Lok. This is a deadly boss who wields and Energy Sword and utilizes Active Camo. To ensure that you’re able to see Chak ’Lok most of the time during the fight, you’ll need to use the Threat Sensor to reveal his position when he’s in stealth. This will only work within a relatively small radius, but it’s enough to alert you to his presence as he approaches.

The main difficulty in fighting Chak ’Lok is the strength of his shield and the power of his attacks. To end the fight as quickly as possible, you’ll need to burn through the shield and avoid being caught by him in melee combat. The energy shield that he uses is incredibly strong, so you’ll need to use energy weapons to deplete it as fast as possible. Kinetic weapons will inflict damage to the shield, but nowhere near as much as other energy weapons. If you didn’t enter the fight with a decent energy weapon don’t worry; there are plenty on weapon racks on the edges of the torture room. One of the most effective is the Ravager. If you can pick this up quickly and begin a charged shot, you can shoot at Chak ’Lok as soon as he approaches, inflicting a significant amount of damage to his shield.

After the initial blast with the Ravager, you can fire more shots with its default fire mode to take out the rest of Chak ‘Lok’s shield. If he runs away from you, try using a few grenades to maintain damage, preventing him from regenerating the shield. When the shield is low, you can switch to kinetic energy weapons such as the CQS48 Bulldog Shotgun to inflict massive amounts of damage in a short space of time. You’ll find the shotgun and other weapons on the racks in the room too. So long as you stay close to your threat sensor, use energy weapons to destroy the shield and kinetic weapons to inflict damage to his health, the fight with Chak ’Lok should be fairly short. The main thing is to avoid too much melee combat with him, since his Energy Sword will make short work of you. If he gets too close, use a melee attack of your own to briefly stun him and then run around the room to regain some distance. Once you’ve defeated Chak ’Lok and left the tower, you’ll unlock the Fallen achievement.

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