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Halo Infinite

How to Complete Riven Gate

Scott Peers

Clear the Path at Riven Gate

How to Lower the Gates

The Riven Gate outpost is by far the most heavily defended Banished outpost in the game. It’s crawling with Jackals, Grunts, and elite Brutes. You don’t technically need to kill all of them to complete the outpost, but you’ll find it much easier if you take your time by killing any groups of enemies in the way of you and the objective. As ever, when facing a lot of enemies you should focus on using power weapons with significant AoE (area of effect) damage, such as the Ravager, Cindershot, and Gravity Hammer. You can also make good use of grenades by launching them at enemies when they’re close to each other, or shoot at blast coils and throw them at tougher elites to weaken them.

Once you’ve killed enough enemies to give you some time to look around without being harassed by their fire, use AI Scan to locate the terminals, which you can interact with to lower the gates. Most of these require only that you interact with the terminal, but one of them (the northernmost one) requires you to unlock a door to enter the structure where the terminal is located first. All you need to do in order to unlock the door is interact with an initial terminal located on a platform above the locked door. This will also disable the energy barrier on the other side of the structure, giving you access to a Banshee. You can try to fly this vehicle to defeat some enemies, but given that they can be difficult to handle and you’re in such a tight airspace, you’re likely better off on the ground.

Locate and Destroy the Power Source

Once you’ve lowered all three gates at the outpost, you’ll receive a new objective to locate the power source. This is in a structure on one of the highest platforms near the centre of the outpost, so you’ll find it difficult to miss. However, you can always use AI Scan if necessary to highlight its location. Keep in mind that lowering each gate triggers Banished reinforcements to arrive, so you’ll need to deal with some of these first. Once you’re at the structure where the power source is located, you should use Threat Sensor to highlight the position of some stealthed elite Brutes. These will be lurking in and around the structure, so be sure to take them out before you run inside. After clearing the area of enemies, you can enter deeper inside the structure. Here you should use the Threat Sensor again, since you’ll encounter at least one more stealthed elite Brute. Take them out along with any other enemies, then interact with the terminal to reveal the power generator, which you can destroy to complete the outpost objectives.

(1 of 5) The location of Riven Gate, east of Fob Juliet.

Riven Gate Collectibles

Banished Audio Log 1

The first Banished audio log is located within a structure in the northeast of the outpost, the one you need to open the doors for.

Banished Audio Log 2

The second Banished audio log is located in the structure where the power source can be found.

Spartan Core

The Spartan Core is located in the structure where the power source is located, near the back.

UNSC Audio Log 1

The first UNSC audio log is located in the western part of the outpost, on top of a cliff.

UNSC Audio Log 2

The second UNSC audio log is located on a higher cliff on the western side of the outpost.

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