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Halo Infinite

How to Defeat Tovarus & Hyperius

Scott Peers

Boss Fight: Tovarus and Hyperius

The fight with Tovarus and Hyperius will begin as soon as you reach their position in the marshy land beneath the AA guns that you’ve just destroyed. They’re both Elite Brute bosses, but they each have different combat specialties. Hyperius will begin the fight in a modified Brute Chopper, and he’ll be the first that you encounter as he moves swiftly towards you upon entering the area. You’ll need to avoid being run over by Hyperius at all costs, since you’ll die in one or two hits from the blades of the Chopper. The best way to avoid this is by hijacking the vehicle and throwing Hyperius out of it. You can do this by waiting for him to approach you before jumping out of the way and then entering the vehicle as he struggles to turn towards you, or you can shoot straight for him by using Grappleshot on the vehicle. However you do it, make removing Hyperius from his vehicle your primary goal once you’ve equipped yourself with powerful enough weapons to take him out quickly.

Speaking of powerful weapons, you find the Ravager to be incredibly useful here. It will inflict massive damage to both Hyperius and Tovarus, so try to get your hands on one as soon as possible. Thankfully you’ll find a few on the weapon racks in the marshy land around you, so look out for these by using AI Scan if necessary. The Ravager will make short work of Hyperius’ shield, and will eat through his health bar faster than most other weapons. It will also destroy his vehicle in just a few hits, which he’ll try to renter at some point during the fight if he gets the chance. If you’re able to destroy the vehicle while he’s close to it, he’ll suffer from the explosive damage too. As you’re working on Hyperius, Tovarus will remain in his original position, but he’ll still fire at you from afar. You’ll need to keep moving to avoid his incoming fire, or find a rock / structure to hide behind. Keep in mind that there will likely be a few Brutes, Jackals, and Grunts in the area too, so try not to get caught off guard by these.

Once you’ve dealt with Hyperius, his brother Tovarus will begin to actively pursue you, rather than firing at you from afar. Tovarus doesn’t have a modified Brute Chopper, but he does have a kind of jet pack which allows him to fly through the air while shooting at you. The Ravager will be just as effective at defeating Tovarus as it was with his brother, but Tovarus will be more difficult to hit as he moves through the air. To preserve ammunition, try to wait for Tovarus to land somewhere before you go all out with the Ravager. You can use a secondary weapon to maintain some fire as you wait for him to land. It shouldn’t be long before he lands in the ruins of one of the nearby ships, at which point you can pursue him and throw grenades, or focus fire while he’s in a confined space. Be sure to use the Grappleshot to reach him easily, or to quickly escape his fire if you’re exposed. Once you’ve killed Tovarus, you’ll unlock the Brothers Grim achievement.

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