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Halo Infinite

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How to Defeat Skimmer Patrol

Scott Peers

Skimmer Patrol Location & Profile

You’ll find Skimmer Patrol north of Fob Juliet, in the southern part of the map. Their profile is as follows:

“It didn’t take us long on this ring for the galaxy to throw some pretty significant curveballs at us. One of those new challenges has been the creatures we’re currently labelling as SKIMMERS, which appear to be an as-of-yet unencountered species, at least not as far as my clearance indicates. They’re working for - or perhaps with - the local Banished forces, but their armor configurations don’t seem to match the normal Banished aesthetic. We’ve encountered at least one small contingent of the Skimmers that seem to be a more lethally outfitted group. We’re not sure of their status in Banished hierarchy, but taking them out and gathering any intel we can - whether biological or strategic - wouldn’t hurt if the opportunity presents itself. - Spartan Hudson Griffin.”

The location of Skimmer Patrol, in the southern part of the map.

How to Defeat Skimmer Patrol

This is one of the easier high-value targets to complete, but it can be a little tricky on legendary difficulty if you’re not careful. The main concern is the elite Brute which patrols outside of the cave where the Skimmer Alpha is located. This elite Brute is one of the toughest of its kind on legendary, and can kill you in just a few shots if you’re not careful to avoid them. It’s a good idea to locate this Brute first, take him out with a combination of grenades and power weapons, and then focus on killing the Skimmers in the surrounding area.

There are two main types of Skimmers here, both of which aren’t too dangerous if you kill them quickly. The Skimmers with white coats will approach you almost to melee range, making them easy to take out with a swift melee attack, or just a headshot with a power weapon. The others are ranged, and will attack you while moving between structures, making them more difficult to kill. However, so long as you have a few grenades you can make short work of them in just a few throws. The Skimmer Alpha is within the cave, and isn’t much more powerful than its allies. It’ll take a few more hits than usual to bring it down, but nothing that you can’t handle.

(1 of 4) You can melee the close ranged Skimmers for a one hit kill.

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