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Halo Infinite

Recovery Collectibles

Scott Peers

This page details where to find all the collectibles for the Recovery campaign mission, including two Spartan Cores, UNSC and Banished audio logs, an armor locker containing the Midnight Griffin MKVII Armor, and the IWHBYD Skull.

Recovery, The Tower Collectibles - Spartan Core 1

Once you’ve got the UNSC audio log, continue on to The Tower and infiltrate it from the ground up, using your Grappleshot to reach the first level. Here you’ll find numerous enemies including larger Brutes with stronger armor than those you’ve encountered so far, and some even with decent energy shields. You’ll need to clear the area of enemies as you infiltrate the first level outside of the main structure, using the gravity ramp to reach the area beneath the tower. If you’re feeling lost as to where you need to go, remember to use AI Scan to highlight objectives.

When you reach the gravity lift directly under the tower, a hologram of Chak ’Lok will appear in its place. This is a Brute who controls the tower. You’ll be seeing more of him later. For now, you’ll be able to find three collectibles down here. We’ll start with the Spartan Core. Clear the area of enemies and release the Marines who are tied to the energy prison next to the gravity lift for some assistance. Now look behind you and use the AI Scan to highlight the Spartan Core in one of the nearby structures, as shown below:

Recovery, The Tower Collectibles - Banished Audio Log

The next collectible that we’ll go for beneath the tower outside is a Banished audio log. This is located in another structure not far from where you found the Spartan Core, as shown below:

Recovery, The Tower Collectibles - Armor Locker

The final collectible beneath the tower outside is an Armor Locker, which provides the Midnight Griffin MKVII Armor. This again is not far from the others, but a bit further beneath the tower structure. See the below gif to find the exact location:

Recovery, The Tower Collectibles - UNSC Audio Log

Now that you’ve obtained all the collectibles beneath the tower outside, it’s time to activate the gravity lift. To do this you need to end the lockdown of the facility by interacting with the terminal in the control room. Just use you AI Scan to highlight the terminal in yellow and with an objective marker. A brief cutscene will play, then you can make your way to the gravity lift and enter inside the tower.

As soon as you enter the tower, you’ll see some Spartan armor which is also the source of the distress signal. Investigate the armor to acquire the Threat Sensor ability, which will be extremely useful in the fight ahead with Chak ’Lok. You’ll unlock the Visionary achievement once you obtain the Threat Sensor.

You’ll find the UNSC audio log as you continue deeper into the tower through the doorway and in the hallways. You’ll encounter a few enemies in here, so be ready. The hallways are essentially circular structures, so you shouldn’t get lost and it should be easy to locate the audio log by using the AI Scan to highlight it in yellow. It will also be beeping audibly, making it easier to find.

Recovery, The Tower Collectibles - Spartan Core 2

Now for the second Spartan Core. This is located on the next level up from the UNSC audio log. Just keeping moving up and kill all the enemies that you encounter. Once you’ve looted this Spartan Core, you should check whether you have enough cores to upgrade your Grappleshot at least twice to unlock the Quickshot upgrade. This reduces the Grappleshot cooldown by 40%, which will make reaching the IWHBYD Skull much easier later on. However, if you aren’t able to unlock this yet, you can always come back to the tower when you have. There are plenty of Spartan Cores to collect in the area surrounding the tower, with the nearest being at Ransom Keep, located south of the tower.

(1 of 6) Interact with the terminal to activate the gravity lift.

Recovery, The Tower Collectibles - IWHBYD Skull

The best time to collect the IWHBYD Skull is after you’ve defeated Chak ’Lok. This is because you’ll have access to a higher platform which is closer to the top of the tower, however you can still access the top of the tower later if you don’t want to do it yet, or if you still need to upgrade your Grappleshot with the Quickshot upgrade. It will take a total of 3 Spartan Cores to upgrade this, and you can always come back later if you don’t have enough yet. Assuming you have enough, you can begin to grapple the side of the tower and chain the grapple shots to lift you to the top of the tower. This can be a tricky thing to do, but with enough persistence you should be able to manage it. You’ll find the IWHBYD Skull at the centre of the top of the tower. See the gif below for a demonstration:

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