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Halo Infinite

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Managing & Capitalizing on TTK

Scott Peers

How to Manage & Capitalize on TTK (Time To Kill)

Halo Infinite TTK

The TTK (Time to Kill) in Halo Infinite is much longer than it is for many other FPS games. If you’re not familiar with the concept of TTK, it essentially refers to the amount of time it takes for you to kill another player. The time will vary depending on a number of factors such as your weapon type, whether or not the other player has any defensive powers enabled, how proficient your aim and movement skills are, and how familiar you are with a specific map. This last point is important because map knowledge can make all the difference when you need to decide in a split second whether it’s worth chasing players ‘round corners once you’ve popped their shield, or whether it’d be better for you to sit back and recover, ready for another fight.

Make Use of Your Pistol & Other Sidearms

If you keep the above factors in mind as you continue to learn more about different weapons, maps, and powers, you’ll begin to get a feel for how to capitalize on TTK. A good example of doing this which you can begin practicing immediately is to make good use of your pistol. The primary weapon that you have at any given time will eventually run out of ammunition, and the time you spend reloading gives your opponents a golden opportunity to take you out while you can’t fight back. In most cases, you’ll want to quickly find some cover while you reload, but if you’ve already popped a player’s shield, you can capitalize on your advantage by whipping out the pistol and killing your opponent in one shot.

Below is an example of when a quick sidearm draw can mean the difference between winning or losing when you’re out of primary ammunition:

Time Melee Attacks Effectively

The same can be said for melee attacks: these can be incredibly powerful in the later stages of a gun fight. As with a pistol shot, a melee attack will kill your opponent in one hit once their shield is popped, but you’ll also find that a well-timed melee attack can take out a player even while they are glowing red. A player glowing red means that they still have their shield up, but it’s ready to pop. The more you play, the more you’ll get a feel for when it’s appropriate to run for cover while you reload, or take the risk of trying to finish off your opponent with the pistol or a melee attack.

Below is an example of a good time to resort to melee kills when space is tight:

Chase Vulnerable Players

If you and your opponent both run out of primary weapon ammunition, you’ll have the advantage if you immediately switch to pistol as you chase them around a corner. It’s often worth chasing the player because if you allow them to run away and hide, even for a brief period, this will give them enough time for their shield to fully recharge. However, the same can be said of your own shield, so you’ll need to make a judgement call based on the situation at the time. If the player you’ve been fighting runs off towards their allies, it’s probably not worth chasing them since you’ll likely be running into a death trap. On the other hand, if you’re reasonably sure that you can kill the player in a few kills with time to spare for your own retreat, it can be worth the risk. You’ll need to weigh up each scenario, and learn from experience.

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