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Halo Infinite

How to Complete Annex Ridge

Scott Peers

Investigate the Base

Bypass Banished Network

The first thing you’ll need to do when you arrive at Annex Ridge is deplete the considerable number of enemies forces present. The entire site is littered with enemies, including elite Brutes. The easiest way to do this is to find some high ground and rain fire on enemies below. However, you can also take a Ghost vehicle from an enemy if you’re approached by one, then use its powerful plasma cannon to kill multiple enemies quickly. Once you’ve cleared most of the enemies, you can enter the facility near the Banished artifact at the centre of the outpost. You’ll find more enemies inside, including a heavily armored elite Brute, so be ready to throw some grenades in the small space to inflict massive damage to the Brute without exposing yourself too much. Keep moving through the facility until you reach a gravity lift. This will take you to another room where you’ll find a terminal which you can interact with to learn more about the purpose of the outpost.

Raise and Destroy the Fuel Silo

Once you’ve interacted with the terminal, you can head up the nearby ramp to free some Marines from their bonds. The next step is fairly simple: go to the other side of the outpost (the northwestern side) and interact with the terminal there to raise the silo. If you’re having trouble locating the terminal, remember to use AI Scan to highlight it. Once the silo is raised you can shoot the cooling pylons to destroy it. This will in turn destroy the transport, and the outpost mission will be complete. However, you’re not done here yet: there are collectibles to obtain here, the locations of which are detailed below.

(1 of 7) The location of Annex Ridge, west of Fob Kilo.

Annex Ridge Collectibles

Banished Audio Log 1

The first Banished audio log can be found next to the second terminal, which raises the silo when used.

Banished Audio Log 2

The second Banished audio log can be found inside the main facility, just beyond the gravity lift.

Spartan Core

The Spartan Core can be found near the gravity ramp in the northwest part of the outpost.

UNSC Audio Log 1

The first UNSC audio log can be found in the northeastern part of the outpost, on top of some ring foundations overlooking the artifact.

UNSC Audio Log 2

The second UNSC audio log can be found in the southwestern part of the outpost, on top of some ring foundations like the first.

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