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Halo Infinite

CQS48 Bulldog - Shotgun

Scott Peers

This page details how to use the CQS48 Bulldog Shotgun in Halo Infinite Multiplayer. Includes a basic stats overview and strengths & weaknesses of the weapon.

CQS48 Bulldog, Halo Infinite.

How to Use the CQS48 Bulldog - Shotgun

Basic Stats Overview

Type Magazine Ammunition Scope Alt Fire
Shotgun 7 Regular Bullets 1x N/A

The CQS48 Bulldog is an incredibly powerful shotgun which can kill almost any opponent in just two hits. The limited magazine size of 7 tempers the overall capability of the weapon brought by its extreme damage, but you can still quickly defeat multiple enemies in a short space of time with this gun. You’ll find it as a power weapon that can be acquired in any game mode including Quick Play, Big Team Battles and Ranked Arena.

Strengths of the CQS48 Bulldog

The most effective use scenario for the CQS48 Bulldog is at close range. There’s arguably no competition among other guns in terms of the capacity to inflict so much damage in such a short space of time. What makes it even more effective at close range is the fact that the ammunition is fired in a wide space in front of you, allowing you to hit multiple enemies with one hit if they’re close enough. In this way you can easily rampage through a group of enemies and quickly take them out, especially if you have the Overshield equipped, which essentially doubles the effectiveness of your shield by providing an extra layer of defence. As such a powerful weapon with a fast response time and rate of fire, the CQS48 is perfect for stopping opponents at critical moments in time-sensitive games like Oddball. You’ll also find it most useful on the smaller maps like Streets, Aquarius and Bazaar.

Weaknesses of the CQS48 Bulldog

As the CQS48 is so effective in short range combat, it follows that it won’t be as effective at mid to long range. This is particularly true of the CQS48 because as a shotgun, the spray of fire becomes essentially useless at mid to long range. If you try to hit an enemy more than say 10m away from you, most of the fire won’t reach them, and you’ll be lucky to hit them at all. For this reason you’ll want to prioritise using this shotgun on smaller maps such as those mentioned above, and avoid using it on maps with a lot of open space such as Behemoth. You can still use the CQS48 as an effective secondary weapon reserved for close combat, but don’t bother considering it to contest with rifles such as the BR75 or VK78 if there’s a reasonable distance between yourself and the enemy.

The CQS48 Bulldog is extremely powerful at short range, but it struggles to hit enemies even at medium ranges:

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