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Halo Infinite

M41 SPNKR - Rocket Launcher

Scott Peers

This page details how to use the M41 SPNKR - Rocket Launcher in Halo Infinite Multiplayer. Includes a basic stats overview and strengths & weaknesses of the weapon.

M41 SPNKR, Halo Infinite.

How to Use the M41 SPNKR - Rocket Launcher

Basic Stats Overview

Type Magazine Ammunition Scope Alt Fire
Shotgun 2 Regular Bullets 1x N/A

The M41 SPNKR is one of the most powerful hand-held weapons in the game. It will kill any target in one hit regardless of where you hit them, and it will often kill targets even if you miss them but hit the ground nearby or a wall next to them, due to its large damage radius. It has the capacity to load two rockets per load, and it’s reasonably responsive. However, it still takes a while for the rockets to hit their targets, especially if they’re far away.

Strengths of the M41 SPNKR - Rocket Launcher

The main strength of the M41 SPNKR is its pure destructive power. As mentioned above, it will kill pretty much anything in one hit, even if you miss the target but hit some aspect of the map nearby. The damage radius is about 5 metres, so you can easily kill an entire team of 4 who might be positioned close together for tactical reasons, such as during a game of Oddball. You should often encounter this situation on maps such as Streets and Recharge, where there are plenty of relatively contained spaces where a team might try to hold a tactical defence. However, one thing to note is that the damage will be reduced the further away from the impact an enemy is, so you may only injure those on the outskirts of the radius by destroying their shield or putting a large dent in it. This is especially true of any enemies who might have defensive power equipment such as Overshield and Drop Wall.

Weaknesses of the M41 SPNKR - Rocket Launcher

To counter the destructive power of the M41 SPNKR, it comes with a low ammunition count of just 2. In Ranked Arena games you’ll only be able to use the first two rockets that you get loaded with the weapon, so you’ll need to use them wisely by carefully considering how you can best put the weapon to effective use. As mentioned above, you’ll arguably find it most useful when you need to disperse a group of enemies away from a defensive position. However, if the enemy knows that you have the M41 SPNKR, you’ll immediately become a primary target. If you don’t manage to make those effective shots, you’ve just wasted a life for nothing. Another weakness to consider is the relatively low velocity of the rockets, which can sometimes take too long to reach their target. If you’re firing from close range this shouldn’t be as much of a problem, but if you’re trying to hit a target far away in the distance, you could easily waste the rocket as the enemy sees it coming and moves out of the way.

The M41 SPNKR Rocket Launcher can kill enemies even if you don’t hit them directly, thanks to its damage radius:

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