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Halo Infinite

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M808 Scorpion

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about the M808 Scorpion UNSC vehicle in Halo Infinite. Includes basic stats overview, how to use the vehicle, its strengths and weaknesses, and where to find it on different maps.

M808 Scorpion, Halo Infinite.

How to Use the M808 Scorpion

Basic Stats Overview

Seats Armor Weaponry Alt Fire
6 Strong Cannon / Machine Gun Yes

Strengths of the M808 Scorpion

The M808 Scorpion is an incredibly tough tank with powerful offensive capabilities in the form of a cannon and machine gun. The cannon will destroy any vehicle in one hit, excluding other M808 Scorpions, and it has the ability to kill multiple enemies in a fairly wide radius with significant AoE (area of effect) damage. The machine gun is effective at dealing with any left over enemies after a cannon shot, and is operated by the player in the “passenger” seat. In addition to the fire power that the Scorpion offers, it can also transport 4 additional players. This means that the M808 Scorpion provides protection for 6 players in total, and it takes a lot to destroy one. If the tank is ever under threat from players with anti-tank weapons such as the Skewer or M41 SPNKR, those players in the passenger seats can quickly jump out to deal with them if the tank can’t achieve a decent visual on the enemies in time. With a full team of 6 competent players, the M808 Scorpion becomes a nearly unstoppable destructive force.

Weaknesses of the M808 Scorpion

The main weakness of the M808 Scorpion is its maneuverability. It sacrifices movement speed and rotational speed for its durability, and this can be its downfall in the right context. All it takes is a few players with powerful enough weapons to get a decent visual on the tank. If there’s no one outside of the tank to protect it from all angles, players on the ground will be able to outmaneuver the cannon and the machine gun in most circumstances. This means that if you want to use the M808 Scorpion to its full potential, you’ll need support from troops on the ground to keep it safe, which may not always be possible. The M808 Scorpion is also a relatively rare vehicle to come across, with fewer spawns than other vehicles. It’s only available in Big Team Battle game modes on the Deadlock, Fragmentation, and Highpower maps.

Where to Find the M808 Scorpion

The M808 Scorpion can only be acquired from Pelican drops on the Big Team Battle maps of Deadlock, Fragmentation, and Highpower. The chances of a M808 Scorpion being dropped increase the longer a match goes on, but there’s no guarantee of when and where one will drop.

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