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Halo Infinite

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How to Use Grenades

Scott Peers

How to Be Effective With Grenades

The basic principle of using a grenade in Halo Infinite is simple: you throw it and it goes bang, right? Well, there’s a bit more to it in terms of tactical use. Although there are plenty of spawns to replenish your grenades, it’s a good idea to avoid using them until you actually need to. This means don’t bother throwing your grenade into an empty space over an obstacle in the hopes of inflicting damage to random opponents who may or may not be there, and try not to use the grenades at the start of a fight. A well timed and well placed grenade can turn the tide of a fight, especially towards the end.

As with movement and aim, utilizing grenades effectively will come with practice and experience. However, the abundance of grenades available will allow you to learn fairly quickly. You’ll begin to get a feel for when a grenade can be used to deny space to an opponent, weaken their armor, or cover your retreat. If you’re facing two opponents at once and you’re fighting around an object, you can try throwing a grenade on one side of the object and then rushing around the other side to force the opponents into it.

Another example of effective grenade use is when you’re about to enter a fight in which you know you’re outnumbered. If there are two opponents that you’ve spotted running into a tight space, before you pursue them directly you can try launching a grenade and waiting for a brief moment. If the grenade hits it will weaken their armor, which means it’ll take less time to kill each of them with ammunition or melee attacks. In a similar way, if you’re being pursued by opponents and you run into a tight space, throwing a grenade at the entrance will make them think twice before entering, giving you time to reload and recover.

Different Grenade Types in Halo Infinite Multiplayer

There are four different grenade types in Halo Infinite Multiplayer. These are the Frag Grenade, Spike Grenade, Dynamo Grenade, and Plasma Grenade.

An example of the Frag Grenade being used to deny space and goad out enemies into line of fire:

Frag Grenade

This is a fairly standard grenade which can be launched at great distances. It will bounce off most surfaces in consistent ways, which makes it useful for throwing around corners to chase fleeing enemies. If the grenade explodes on top of an enemy, it will inflict 100% damage to their shield, leaving them vulnerable to a headshot or another grenade. If it hits within a few metres of the enemy, it will inflict anywhere from 20-50% damage to their shield. The grenade is also effective at killing enemies whose shield has already been popped.

Spike Grenade

The spike grenades inflict similar damage to frag grenades if you throw them next to an opponent, but they’re primarily useful for sticking to walls, objects, passing vehicles, and enemy bodies. They take slightly longer to explode than frag grenades, so they can be useful to deny space to multiple enemies if timed properly. If you manage to stick a spike grenade onto an enemy, they will die instantly when it explodes.

Dynamo Grenade

The dynamo grenade doesn’t really explode, in a classic sense. Instead, it releases energy flashes which slowly damage opponents over time. The longer an enemy is near to the grenade, the more damage will be inflicted. If a dynamo grenade is near to an enemy for the entire duration that it’s active, it will pop their shield, leaving them vulnerable to a one hit headshot kill. These grenades can be particularly useful to throw at multiple enemies in a tight space, but they can also be used to disable vehicles out in the open if you aim the throw effectively.

Plasma Grenade

These are extremely damaging grenades if you manage to hit an enemy with them, since they’ll stick to the body of the opponent and explode, killing them instantly even when their shield is fully charged. Plasma grenades inflict significantly more damage than frag grenades, so they’ll usually kill an enemy even if you don’t manage to stick the grenade onto them, so long as they’re within about 1 metre of the enemy. You can still use plasma grenades to deny space and inflict damage on multiple opponents as they pass by, but they won’t stick to walls in the same way that spike grenades do.

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