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Halo Infinite

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M12 Warthog

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about the M12 Warthog UNSC vehicle in Halo Infinite. Includes basic stats overview, how to use the vehicle, its strengths and weaknesses, and where to find it on different maps.

M12 Warthog, Halo Infinite.

How to Use the M12 Warthog

Basic Stats Overview

Seats Armor Weaponry Alt Fire
3 Weak - Moderate Machine Gun N/A

Strengths of the M12 Warthog

The main strength of the M12 Warthog is its versatility. You’ll be able to traverse most areas of an open map, but also get into tighter spaces to create a line of defence. The vehicle can be used as cover if you need to jump out to quickly defend a spot, but you can also utilize its machine gun if you have allies nearby to cover you. This provides enough fire power to hold down a defensive position for a considerable amount of time, especially as you wait for backup. The M12 Warthog thrives on larger maps which host Big Team Battles such as Deadlock, Fragmentation, and Highpower, but you’ll also find it useful on the smaller maps if you can find one available. Since you’ll mostly encounter the vehicle during Big Team Battles, you’ll find it most often during Total Control and Stockpile game modes, where it can be used to defend zones or power seeds. Aside from allowing you to get from one place to another more quickly, you can also use the M12 Warthog to run down enemies if you’re going fast enough.

Weaknesses of the M12 Warthog

The most obvious weakness of the M12 Warthog is perhaps its relatively weak armor, since it can be destroyed by most rockets and other vehicle cannons in just a few hits. This renders the machine gun fairly useless if you encounter a vehicle or player with superior fire power, especially if they have access to cannons or rocket launchers. Another factor to consider is that the M12 Warthog can be difficult to drive if you’re new to vehicles in Halo Infinite, so it may take some time before you become competent enough to make the most of it. Suffice to say, the best way to use it as you’re just starting off is to get from one place to another faster than you’d otherwise be able to.

Where to Find the M12 Warthog

The M12 Warthog can be found at Low Base and High Base on Deadlock, at Canyon Roadway or Rock Archway Road on Fragmentation, at the right side of Tower Base, left side of Tower Base, and left of Waterfall Base on Highpower. It can also be found on the platform at the East Tower on Behemoth, and at the Loading Docks near the Bunker Spawn Point on Launch Site.

The M12 Warthog can also be found with a machine gun on the back, which is effective at dealing with enemies from short, medium, or long range:

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