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How to Complete Armory of Reckoning

Scott Peers

Destroy the Ammo Printers

This is a relatively small outpost with fewer enemies than some of the others. However, you’re still going to encounter a number of elite Brutes, alongside the regular Jackals and Grunts. There are also enemies with Ghost vehicles, who you can quickly disarm by using Grappleshot to launch yourself into the driver seat and then use the vehicle to take out multiple enemies. This is perhaps the most effective way to clear the outpost quickly, but you can do it in whatever way you prefer. One of the elite Brutes uses a plasma cannon, so if you can take them out first you’ll be able to use the cannon to make short work of whatever enemies remain.

Once you’ve cleared the outpost of most enemies, you can begin to focus on destroying the ammo printers. You’ll need to interact with the terminals which will expose the cooling pylons. You can then shoot the pylons, which will destroy the printers. You need to do this for 3 ammo printers, two of which are easily accessible in the main grounds of the outpost. However, one is located beneath the main grounds, and can only be accessed by first shooting an exposed cooling pylon which is powering an energy shield, blocking the way down. This is easily found at the southeastern side of the map, and the room containing the ammo printer also contains a Spartan Core. Once you’ve destroyed all the printers, you can focus on obtaining the collectibles, as shown in the gifs below.

(1 of 4) The location of the Armory of Reckoning, east of Fob Alpha.

Armory of Reckoning Collectibles

Banished Audio Log 1

The first Banished audio log can be found as you go through the room where you destroyed the underground ammo printer (where the Spartan Core below can also be found), and then up the gravity lift. As you emerge from the gravity lift, you’ll find the log right next to you.

Banished Audio Log 2

The second Banished audio log can be found behind another energy barrier, which can be disabled by shooting the cooling pylon to the left of the entrance. You’ll find the log at the back of the room.

Spartan Core

The Spartan Core can be found in the room where the underground ammo printer is located.

UNSC Audio Log 1

The first UNSC audio log can be found to the left of the room where you found the second Banished audio log, behind a rock face.

UNSC Audio Log 2

The second UNSC audio log can be found in the northwestern part of the outpost, within a ruined vehicle.


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