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How to Defeat Barroth

Scott Peers

Barroth Location & Profile

You’ll find Barroth on the ledge of some ring foundations, just northwest of Fob Lima, or southeast of Riven Gate. His profile is as follows:

Having earned the title of Khordat for his exceptional prowess behind a scope, the Ruuhtian marksman Barroth garnered a reputation among Kig-Yar reasurehawks and raiding krewes for his virtually unblemished accuracy record. That reputation earned interest from the Banished and eventual initiation into their Bloodstar ranks with the aim of producing a lethal Spartan Killer. To date, our best intel attributes at least 271 UNSC deaths directly to Barroth. If given the opportunity, we must engage carefully, but with extreme prejudice.

The location of Barroth, northwest of Fob Lima.

How to Defeat Barroth

Barroth is an elite Jackal with a specialty for sniping. He wields a variant of the Stalker Rifle known as the Stalker Rifle Ultra. This rifle is actually less powerful than the normal variant, but it consumes less better per shot (2% instead of 3%), has a lower cooldown between shots, and it takes longer to overheat. This means that while Barroth may inflict less damage per shot, he can shoot you more frequently and for longer than a regular Jackal with a sniper. In truth, this doesn’t mean much if you can get out of range of his shots, or find cover consistently. The other enemies in the area are the usual bag: elite Brutes, regular Jackals and Grunts, and the potential for reinforcements. Barroth is vulnerable to all types of damage, and he has no energy shield. This makes it incredibly easy to take him out early on in the fight, which is a good idea if you can pull the shots off. The sooner Barroth is dead, the sooner you can roam the area below (where most of the enemies are) while not having to worry about him sniping you from above.

On legendary difficulty Barroth can kill you in one to two hits, so you’ll need to be extremely careful to avoid incoming fire from him. He is an accurate shot, so exposing yourself to his fire can be punishing. If you’re in a pinch and you know that you’re about to be shot at, you can use the Thruster to quickly burst out of the way while you find a safer position. Alternatively, you can use Grappleshot to climb up the ring foundations towards Barroth, but keep in mind that he may shoot you as you ascend, or as soon as you reach the top, so a Drop Wall can be useful to deploy as soon as you reach him. It shouldn’t take too many shots of any weapon to kill Barroth, since he’s more of a glass cannon than a tough Brute.

(1 of 2) You'll find Barroth on the ledge of the ring foundations.

You'll find Barroth on the ledge of the ring foundations. (left), The Stalker Rifle is located directly behind Barroth's initial position. (right)


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