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How to Defeat Thav 'Sebarim

Scott Peers

Thav ’Sebarim Location & Profile

You’ll find Thav ’Sebarim patrolling just southwest of Fob Bravo, which itself is located east of the Excavation Site, or just northwest of the Horn of Abolition outpost. His profile is as follows:

Kaidon Thav ’Sebarim was one of the leading Covenant commanders in their final strikes against Earth and its colonies on Reach and Luna. He abandoned his station after the Prophets betrayed the Elites, and fled back to his homeworld of Suban to be reunited with their kin at the Keep of Malaston. As the Sangheili people descended into a vicious cycle of civil war, the kaidon joined forces with Atriox, as the Banished did not discriminate against Sangheili warriors, so long as they were skilled. ’Sebarim has become infamous for his actions in the Battle of Harrow, where his siege of the city of Adruvon resulted in the deaths of over 700,000 human civilians.

The location of Thav 'Sebarim, southwest of Fob Bravo.

How to Defeat Thav ’Sebarim

Thav ‘Sebarim is an elite Brute who wields an Arcane Sentinel Beam, a modified version of the original which decreases the magazine size from 250 to 80, while greatly increasing the damage inflicted by the beam. This makes Thav ‘Sebarim’s primary attack incredibly powerful, so you’ll want to avoid being hit by him as much as possible. You can use the surrounding rocks and foliage to take cover where necessary, but you’ll need to be cautious of attacks from other enemies as you do. For this reason it’s a good idea to maintain high ground before you approach Thav ’Sebarim, allowing you to pick off weaker enemies with precise shots from above. You can also shoot at blast coils to cause chain explosions which, with any luck, will kill multiple enemies at once with minimal ammo used. Once the enemy forces in the area have been thinned, you can move in and focus on Thav ’Sebarim.

At the beginning of the fight Thav ’Sebarim will use a Ghost vehicle. This will allow him to easily harass and outmaneuver you. However, you can stop him and force him to go on foot by using Grappleshot. If you aim at the vehicle it will automatically pull you towards it and throw Thav ’Sebarim out. You can then use the powerful plasma cannons on the vehicle to attack Thav ’Sebarim, but this will leave you vulnerable to an explosion if Thav ‘Sebarim or another enemy manages to destroy the vehicle while you’re in it. Using the vehicle is therefore a risky move, but potentially worth trying to at least destroy Thav ‘Sebarim’s energy shield.

Once you’re fighting Thav ‘Sebarim on foot, he’ll begin to use stealth to hide from you. This can be deadly if he manages to catch you off guard with the deadly Arcane Sentinel Beam. To minimize this risk, be sure to use the Threat Sensor to track the position of Thav ‘Sebarim when he’s nearby. If you stay within or near to the sensor, the chances of you being caught off guard will be greatly reduced, especially if you use it in a more confined space near the mountain side. You can then throw grenades in the area to weaken Thav ‘Sebarim as you eat through his shield with attacks from whatever weapon you’re using. As ever, powerful weapons such as the Ravager and Sentinel Beam will be extremely effective, and if you can get your hands on a Gravity Hammer the fight could be over within seconds if you charge at Thav ‘Sebarim and spam him with the hammer. However, once the shield is down, any weapon will do since Thav ‘Sebarim has relatively low health compared with the shield protection. Just remember that you’ll need to finish off any other enemies in the area before the fight will be considered complete, so don’t get too confident if you’re near to killing Thav ’Sebarim but still surrounded by enemies.

Once you’ve defeated everything in the area, you can interact with the Arcane Sentinel Beam to equip it. It will also be available to equip at any fob from now on.

(1 of 3) You can use Threat Sensor to highlight the position of Thav 'Sebarim within the radius.


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