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Halo Infinite

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Fracture: Tenrai Slayer Fiesta Game Mode

Shane Williams

This page details everything you need to know about the Fiesta Slayer Game Mode which is available in Halo Infinite from the 23rd-30th November 2021. Here you’ll find out what to expect in terms of Maps and how to use certain Weapons.

The Fiesta Slayer Game Mode can be found above Quick Play.

What is the Fiesta Slayer Game Mode

Slayer is a game mode which is basically Team Deathmatch from Call of Duty where one team needs to reach 50 Points to win or have the highest score when the timer runs out. Each team is awarded a point upon a kill, but if you’re playing Ranked Slayer you’ll lose a point for killing your teammate or yourself.

Fiesta is based on the same rules as Quick Player Slayer, but this time around you’ll spawn with different weapons and equipment everytime. However, if you spawn with a weapon you don’t really like, then you can pick up your teammates or enemies weapon when they die.

This Mode is great for killing two birds with one stone, as you get to practice with weapons you may usually avoid and you’ll be able to work your way through the Fracture: Tenrai Event Challenges for exclusive Rewards..

Fiesta Slayer is played on Aquarius, Recharge, Live Fire, Launch Site, Behemoth, Bazaar, and Streets which are all of the QuickPlay Maps.

What Weapons are in Fiesta Slayer

Halo Infinite Gun List

Weapon Type
MA40 Assault Rifle UNSC Weapons
BR75 Battle Rifle UNSC Weapons
VK78 Commando UNSC Weapons
MK50 Sidekick UNSC Weapons
CQS48 Bulldog UNSC Weapons
S7 Sniper Rifle UNSC Weapons
Rocket Launcher UNSC Weapons
Hydra UNSC Weapons
Pulse Carbine Covenant Weapons
Plasma Pistol Covenant Weapons
Needler Covenant Weapons
Gravity Hammer Covenant Weapons
Energy Sword Covenant Weapons
Mangler Covenant Weapons
Disruptor Covenant Weapons
Stalker Rifle Covenant Weapons
Ravager Covenant Weapons
Skewer Covenant Weapons
Shock Rifle Covenant Weapons
Heatwave Forerunner Weapons
Sentinel Beam Forerunner Weapons
Cindershot Forerunner Weapons

Fiesta Slayer will give you two of the above weapons everytime you spawn, so here you’ll find out how to best use some of the more difficult to use weapons.


The Skewer.

The Skewer is a Sniper Rifle which has the ability to one shot your enemies and their vehicles. However, it requires good control to make the most out of it, so if you have this weapon during a game of Fiesta, then sit back at base and line up shots whilst your teammates are distracting the enemy.

Shock Rifle

The Shock Rifle.

The Shock Rifle is another Sniper Rifle which can take some getting used to. Unlike the Skewer you can move about with it as it isn’t very heavy. This weapon can one shot your opponent with a headshot, but if you aren’t quick or accurate with aiming up close then you’ll want to sit back up line up your shots with the 5-10x Scope.


The Heatwave.

The Heatwave is a Shotgun type weapon which was introduced in Halo Infinite. This Weapon fires ricocheting bullets which bounce off your surroundings and has two fire modes which consist of Vertical and Horizontal. This can be changed by pressing LT. Horizontal makes the bullets spread outward which is powerful against multiple enemies whereas Vertical is better used against single opponents.

Sentinel Beam

The Sentinel Beam.

The Sentinel Beam is a Particle beam Weapon with heavy damage but high recoil. Unfortunately, this weapon has a very limited battery supply so make sure you have your secondary reloaded and ready to go in the event you run out of battery in a gunfight. The best way to fire this weapon is by aiming at the body and letting the recoil take you up to the head.


The Cindershot.

The Cindershot is a Grenade launcher type weapon first introduced in Halo Infinite. It fires bouncing grenades, so it can take some getting used to. Try aiming for the chest to guarantee the grenade will hit and not bounce off some wall. Also, make sure you’re not too close to the enemy when firing this weapon as the explosion can damage you and make you an easy target for other nearby enemies.

Energy Sword

The Energy Sword.

The Energy Sword is a Single Handed Weapon with a charge of 100 and gets around seven one shot kills. However, it involves you getting close to the enemy which can be difficult, so try running towards them in a zig-zag pattern to prevent them from getting an easy headshot. Also when you get near to the enemy, press RT and the Energy Sword will pull you towards them.

Gravity Hammer

The Gravity Hammer.

The Gravity Hammer is a Two Handed Weapon that can one shot opponents like the Energy Sword, but it’s a lot slower and takes good timing to land your shots. Your AoE is in a cone in front of you and if you aren’t close enough then you’ll just damage the opponent and they’ll be able to pick you off before you pull off another swing due to how slow it is. Another downside to this weapon is its heavy weight which will make you move slower, so it’s tougher to close the gap on your opponent. This is a weapon definitely worth taking into a custom games, so you learn the speed and how close you need to be to get kills.

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