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This page is a guide for everything you need to know about the Map Bazaar. Here you’ll find out all the Weapon, Equipment and Vehicle Spawn locations as well as tips and tricks on how to outplay your opponent on the different game modes.

Overlook of Bazaar.

Weapon Spawns

Bazaar is a medium sized outdoor map and both teams spawn opposite sides of the map which are named, East Base and West Base. This map features several different weapon spawn locations for Pistols, Tactical Rifles, SMGs, Pulse Carbine, Shotguns, and Power Weapons. These Spawns will remain in the same place but the weapon will be different each game. Below you’ll find where they spawn:

Pistol Location

The Spawn Point for the Pistol is located in the Palm Tree and East Alley and Antenna parts of the map. Here you can find the Plasma Pistol or Disruptor.

Tactical Rifle Location

The Spawn Point for the Tactical Rifles is located in the Cafe and Den. Here you can find the BR75 Battle Rifle or the VK78 Commando.

Sub Machine Gun Location

The Spawn Point for the SMG is located behind the gate of the East Base and West Base. Here you can find the Needler or the Sentinel Beam.

Pulse Carbine Location

The Spawn Point for the Pulse Carbine is located in the East Courtyard and to the west side of the West Base.

(1 of 3) The Power Equipment can be found near the truck in the Market.

Shotgun Location

The Spawn Point for the Shotgun is located in the Tower Basement which is found on the east side of the map for the West Base and West for the East Base. Here you can find the Heatwave or the CQS48 Bulldog.

Power Weapon Location

The Spawn Point for the Power Weapon is located on the Tower.

Equipment Spawn Locations

You can find three types of equipment on the Bazaar, such as the Thruster, Grappleshot, and either the Active Camo or the Overshield.

Thruster Location

The Spawn Point for the Thruster is found on the left path of the West Base and on the right path of the East Base.

Grappleshot Location

The Spawn Point for the Grappleshot is found in the Market just below the Power Weapon Spawn..

Overshield or Active Camo Location

The Spawn Point for the Overshield or Active Camo is located at the Market next to the Truck.

Game Modes

Bazaar is used for Slayer and Capture the Flag on it. Slayer is essentially Team Deathmatch from Call of Duty and requires one team to reach 50 points before the 12 minute timer runs out. Capture The Flag requires a team to steal the opponent’s flag from either the West and East Base and return it yours 3 times or 5 if you’re playing Ranked to win. Below you’ll find some useful methods to beat your opponent.

Capture The Flag

Capture the Flag is a very fun game mode but you need a lot of teamwork to get and return the flag. The best method to winning is to have two teammates staying back at the base to take out anyone attempting to capture your flag. Here you want to watch out for enemies sneaking up from the East Courtyard and East Alley if you spawn at the East Base.

If you spawn at the West Base, then you want to watch out for enemies sneaking up from the West Alley and West Courtyard. After your teammate has acquired the flag, then allow one teammate to leave the defense to help defend the carrier until they reach the base. If you are the one with the flag, then walk along the Tower Basement to reach your flag as you’ll be mostly in cover.


Slayer is also a good game mode but only if all four players are communicating and sticking together. You want to avoid traveling through the center part of the map as it’ll leave you open to attack from all directions, so stick to the east and west sides of the map for more cover. The trick to winning this game mode is to grab the power weapon and equipment before the opposition, so dedicate two to three members of the team to get it when it has spawned.

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