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Halo Infinite

Effective Positioning

Scott Peers

Effective Positioning

Stay with Teammates, But Not Too Close

The way that you position yourself in Halo Infinite is incredibly important not just for the success of your team, but also for your own survival chances. Any FPS multiplayer can be chaotic, and arena-style maps only add to that chaos. To increase your chances of success, you should try to stick with your fellow team members as much as possible. This means no running off alone (other than when you’re briefly chasing down a wounded opponent to capitalize on TTK, of course!), but it also means not getting too close to your team members. Instead, you’ll want a healthy balance of creating enough space between you, while always being at hand to help each other.

Avoid AoE (Area of Effect) Damage

The reason you should create some space between you and your team members is simple: to avoid AoE (Area of Effect) damage being inflicted to multiple team members at once. The most likely way that you’ll be damaged by AoE is from grenades. There are tons of spawn locations for grenades on most maps, so you can bet that your opponents will almost always have them at their disposal. In addition to grenades, there are some weapons which inflict massive splash damage, capable of quickly killing multiple opponents at once. The easiest way to avoid a team wipe is to ensure that you’re never standing directly on top of your allies, or even within a few metres of them.

Keep Teammates in Your Line of Sight

With that said, you should always make sure that team members are in your line of sight, easy to reach within a few seconds. This is because you want to be able to support them if they get into a fight with one or multiple opponents. Where skill level is equal between opponents, those with more numbers will almost always come out on top, mostly due to the high TTK. So, the longer you stay alive the more able you are to support your team, and straying too far from them will only make you vulnerable. At the same time, you benefit yourself by staying near to your allies, since you’ll often have the opportunity to finish off opponents that your ally has inflicted significant damage to, preventing them from retreating while they recharge their shield.

Make Use of Map Features & Objects

In addition to staying close to your allies (but not too close!), you should consider using map features to your advantage. This might be as simple as hiding behind a doorway in enemy territory while you wait for opponents to respawn and pass by, an effective method for more reserved players. However, you can also be a bit more creative by using map features such as vertical building supports, which you can strafe around and behind as you attempt to throw your opponent’s aim off. These map features can also give you valuable time to reload, without having to run away as you expose yourself to fire.

Below is an example of using map features such as vertical building supports, which can give you enough cover to evade incoming fire (especially when reloading) while still allowing you to fight back if you time your movements well.

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