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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Fort Flaptrap

Jarrod Garripoli

Fort Flaptrap

To get to Fort Flaptrap, head to the Lakeside Giga Bell island and look for the smaller of the two nearby islands. This has water in front of the archway, as well as a boost pad. Fort Flaptrap is a pretty basic island, as there isn’t much to do with platforming here. There are some platforms in the front that flip whenever you jump, which are also present on the main platform, too. There’s nothing too noteworthy on the sides or in the back, other than some cats underneath the archway back there.

Bully the Cat Bullies Cat Shine

The majority of the Shines for Fort Flaptrap will be fairly short, since you don’t really need to do a lot of platforming, which is due to the islands rather basic design. In the front of the island, you have some platforms that flip over every single time you jump, no matter if you’re standing on them or not. These are also present in the main area above the entrance ones. To get to the main area, simply jump on the side of the flipping platforms that isn’t there. For example, if it’s on the red side, then jump into the hole on the blue side and the platform moving over should lift you up onto solid ground.

(1 of 2) The panels here will flip every time you jump

The panels here will flip every time you jump (left), You need to knock all of the Bullies into the lava to get the Shine (right)

If you have a Super Bell, you could also run up the wall with the ramp that has paws on it. Either way, once you get up to the main area, you find more of those flipping platforms, as well as a grating that has lava underneath it. Lava in Bowser’s Fury means instant death, as there is no extra chances of getting out of it, no matter if you have a power-up or not. Upon setting foot on the main area, five Bullies will spawn and your objective is to knock them into the lava. Thankfully, Bullies don’t actually hurt you at all, but they can knock you back when coming into contact with them.

You simply need to knock them into the lava, which you can do in a variety of ways. Jumping on top of them will knock them back, as does hitting them with any of the power-ups you can gather. Something like the Fire Flower or Boomerang Flower will allow you to keep your distance, while you can also use the more up close options, too. Additionally, you could lure a Bully onto one of the panels, then jump to deposit them into the lava. However you do it, the Cat Shine will spawn after vanquishing all five Bullies.

Blue Coin Bustle Cat Shine

The second Shine on Fort Flaptrap will have you moving very quickly. In front of the panels that flip whenever you jump, at the base of the large structure on the island, is a P-Switch. Stepping on this switch will cause some blue coins to appear and it’s up to you to collect them all before they disappear. Fortunately, the blue coins come in three sets, with the second and third ones appearing after grabbing the previous sets. If you fail, then you need to start over from the beginning. The first set of blue coins will be mingling with the panels that switch whenever you jump, and are probably the hardest of the three sets to gather in time.

(1 of 2) The first set of blue coins can be difficult to grab

The first set of blue coins can be difficult to grab (left), as can the last set (right)

The second set will appear in the main area above, although you will see that some Stingbies are buzzing about there now. Ignore them and run straight after the blue coins. For the third, and final, set, they will appear on opposing sides of the same panels. That means once you collect them on one side, you’ll have to jump to flip the panel, allowing you to collect the other blue coins. If you don’t do it like this, then you will either run out of time or risk falling in the lava. When you’ve collected them all, then the Cat Shine will spawn on the little pedestal, like with the previous one.

Show’s Over, Cat Magikoopas Cat Shine

Your goal for this Shine is pretty simple, as you simply need to defeat all of the Magikoopas. Thankfully, they all spawn up on the main area, so you don’t have to hunt down any of them. If you have access to a ranged power-up, like the Fire Flower or the Boomerang Flower, those will be extra useful here. Magikoopas will typically shoot a ball of magic at you, then disappear and reappear somewhere else. You can defeat them by jumping on their heads, but that can be quite dangerous here, due to the flipping panels and the lava underneath them.

Ranged attacks make defeating the Magikoopas much easier

As already mentioned, projectiles work wonders here, as it gives you a much safer experience of not Mario a burnt crisp. You probably also want to be quick, to avoid the Magikoopas changing their position too much, possibly being out of reach of projectiles or making you fall off the main area. There will be six Magikoopas to defeat, with the Cat Shine appearing upon beating the last one.

Five Cat Shine Shards Cat Shine

It’s time to collect the Cat Shine Shards again, although this is the easiest one thus far in the game. When you begin, you will see one immediately among the flipping panels at the base of the main structure, so you simply need to traverse them in order to collect Cat Shine Shard #1. Head up to the main area and look behind the lighthouse to spot Cat Shine Shard #2 on the railing. Return to the front base of the main structure and head along the right side, where you should find Cat Shine Shard #3 hidden amongst some trees.

(1 of 6) The location of the first Cat Shine Shard

The fourth one is a little further beyond the third, at the southeastern edge of the island. You will find the Fury Blocks there and at the top of the tree right next to it will be Cat Shine Shard #4. For the final Shard, head to the northern side of the island, which is left of the front base of it. On this side, at the base of the wall, you should notice two brick blocks. Roll into either brick block to uncover a hidden passage, which is housing Cat Shine Shard #5, netting you the Cat Shine.

Blast the Fury Blocks Cat Shine

You should already know where the Fury Blocks are located on this island now, but if not, then they are on the beach on the southeastern corner of the island. They’re right next to the tree that houses one of the Cat Shine Shards. As usual, you need Fury Bowser’s help to break them, so you simply have to wait until he is active. Once he is, stand by the blocks and have him do his fire breath in order to break them, letting you collect the Cat Shine underneath them.

The location of the Fury Blocks on Fort Flaptrap

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