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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

World 3-1: Snowball Park

Jarrod Garripoli

In this icy level, you’ll be dealing with Snow Pokeys. These spiky enemies will deal damage to your character if you just happen to touch them, but their weakness lies in their head or via using power-ups. If you jump on their head, they will instantly be defeated, leaving behind snowballs you can pick up and throw. Attacking their other parts will cause that section of the body to be gone, leaving behind a snowball. Move to the right, at the beginning of the level, and avoid/confront the Snow Pokeys. After crossing the little icy spot, look behind the first tree to find a Propeller Box.

(1 of 2) Look behind this tree to find a Propeller Box

Look behind this tree to find a Propeller Box (left), Defeat the Biddybuds in the way to gain access to the first Green Star (right)

Similar to the Cannon Box, this will fit on your character’s head and upon jumping, hold down the jump button to begin flying. If you continue holding down the button, your character will begin floating slowly towards the ground. Note that any power-up you currently have won’t be overridden by the Propeller Box. Turn the corner and clear out the Bizzybuds to find Green Star #1 then loop around, continuing right. Defeat the Snow Pokey and hit the ?-Block to find a power-up, which can be the Super Leaf if you’re big, another convenient Power-Up that grants the Tanooki Suit.

The Tanooki Suit is an extremely nice power-up, as it allows you to slow down your descent, similar to the Propeller Box. Dash past the Goomba in the skate to reach the Checkpoint Flag, knowing that defeating the Goomba will leave behind the Ice Skate for you. Beyond the checkpoint is a larger ice rink, with several Goombas. Look for the one that’s a little slower to notice you, which will leave behind the Ice Skate. Hit the Red Ring and claim the eight Red Coins to receive a Super Leaf. As you make your way up the ramps past the ice rink you’ll spot a few snowballs and a Rabbit.

(1 of 3) Catch this rabbit to earn the second Green Star

Grab a snowball and chase after the Rabbit, past the Biddybuds and give the snowball a good toss to stun the Rabbit and claim Green Star #2. You could also simply move fast enough to touch the rabbit and stop its movement. At the next icy area you’ll have to contend with a few Snow Pokeys, but you can easily grab the Stamp from the narrow ledge on the left side. Before entering the green pipe, climb atop the tree and leap up using the Tanooki Suit to reach Green Star #3, likewise if you have the Propeller Box still just fly up. Note that you will need to wall jump, then float back to the alcove with the Tanooki Suit. Take the green pipe to reach the Goal Pole.


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