The Ultimate Level

This is the ultimate test, so don’t get discouraged if you spend hours and oodles of lives dying here until you get used to it. Using the Tanooki Suit will definitely help through most of the level, though it’s possible to complete without any Power-Ups.

Octoombas, Fire Bros., and Chargin’ Chucks

Start by leaping past the first Octoomba then over to the second platform. Run along the second Octoombas platform and Long Jump over to the last platform in this sequence. Ride the purple block back to the right then perform a Long Jump diagonally across to the next platform and into the clear pipe. Here youll need to defeat a few Fire Bros. as you make your way up.

ride the purple blocks and fight your way through the Fire Bros. as you climb.

If youre crafty you can bounce from one to another all the way up. At the top you will notice some tiny platforms with small gaps in between. You cant walk across them, youll just fall but its possible to sprint! Run in circles to build up some speed then jump over the Chargin Chuck. Build up some speed again the run along the pink platforms for 4 blocks, turning south onto the purple blocks and continuing right making leaps over the Chargin Chucks as necessary. This is the easiest way to complete this area, pending a Tanooki Suit which just lets you sail over most of it.

The BEEP Blocks

You’ll likely get very frustrated at this section, barring the final part this is the hardest part of the level. The Beep Blocks switch every second so once you commit you can’t stop until you are on solid ground. Start by dashing along the blue blocks then chain long jump to red and blue again until you reach the far side. You’ll encounter a stairway of Beep Blocks at this juncture, sticking to the right makes it easier. Jump up the blue, then onto red, and blue again.

The final part is hard because you need to jump twice on red then long jump across to the blue platform. It’s easier to just make the second jump but not the Long Jump. Instead, leap straight up as high as you can and at the last second Ground Pound to suspend yourself in the air long enough for the red blocks to reappear. Now you have ample time to Long Jump over.

Proceed through the Beep Block section and for completing the area, you’ll earn the first Star.

Now there are more stairs that go one at a time until the top two. Repeat the Ground Pound technique here, it’s difficult at first but it becomes easy to time after awhile. Likewise, if you have a Tanooki Suit just hover for a second then leap again. The Tanooki Suit makes this area much easier. Claim Green Star #1 as your prize and move on to the next area.

Magikoopas, Swinging Spiked Rollers, and Fuzzies

Head into the Clear Pipe Cannon and youre launched to a platform with three Magikoopas and Fire Bars spinning in the corner. It doesnt sound difficult until you realize the floor disappears from underneath you as you touch it. The floor will come back, just not quickly so use precise movements to quickly stomp out the Magikoopas. Again, a Tanooki Suit lets you idle high in the air without fear of falling into the abyss. Enter the Warp Box to the next section.

It may look difficult, but its actually quite easy to jump over the spiked rollers here. After the second one you’ll land on a moving platform, make a leap over the roller as it comes back then duck underneath the Fuzzies and leap to the next platform. Again, pass two more spiked rollers to a narrow pathway and do it quickly so you can leap through the gap of Fuzzies ahead. Build up some speed on this platform and dash onto the moving platform when it comes back around, leaping to the other one. Jump to avoid the spiked roller as it swings back then leap to Green Star #2 and a pipe that takes you to the next section.

Work your way across the platforms with the swinging spikes to reach the second Star (right).

Precise Leaps, Water Cubes, and Too Many Dash Panels

The start of the home stretch isn’t too bad. Use the Jump Panel to propel up the wall after a Horned Ant Trooper passes then hold jump to bounce off it’s side, launching higher up the wall. At this moment, Wall Kick to the opposite side and hold jump again to bounce off the Horned Ant Trooper here. Repeat this process to the top of the wall.

Next are some Piranha Creepers, this is a simple leap from left to right until you reach the top. The Water Cube section can get a little dicey but it’s easy enough to navigate past the Spike Blocks. At the right side you need to quickly swim up then drop back down to avoid getting tossed off the edge here. When you reach the end wait for the Spike Block to move then Ground Pound into the pipe.

Wall jump past the horned Ant Troopers (left) and then work your way through the water and spikes segment (right).

Launch yourself over to the hardest part of the level from the cannon. The Burners are constant and Dash Panels force you to continue running, no stopping. Wait for the Burner at the start to go off then start along the top of the Dash Panels. Make a small leap and race up the track, sticking to the top part. Time your jumps, you don’t need to long jump here. Stay at the top and trust that the Burners will go off on time, adjusting as you need to reach the far side. Continue racing up to Green Star #3 then run in circles here until the Burners go off.

The third Star is located in the centre of the Dash Panel platform.

Jump up and over going in a clockwise motion around the square so you can grab all Five Key Coins in a single pass. After the second coin you’ll want to jump in a circle then grab three and four, stopping in the middle to jump in a circle again to avoid the Burners. Grab the last key up the middle and into the Warp Box that takes you to the Thank You message you rightfully deserve. At the end claim the Stamp and cap the Goal Pole.

After the THANKYOU message (left), you will find the Stamp on the steps up to the Goal Pole (right).

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