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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

World 4-1: Ant Trooper Hill

Jarrod Garripoli

In this level, you’ll be introduced to Ant Troopers, an enemy that cannot be defeated by jumping on its head normally. However, you can defeat them via power-ups, as well as performing a Ground Pound on them. They follow a set pattern for the most part, always walking in the same direction. If they are coming out of a hole of some sort, there is an infinite number of them, so it doesn’t matter how many you defeat. The block on the higher ledge near the beginning is just some coins, so ignore it unless you need them. At the back wall, break the ?-Block for a power-up (Super Bell, if big), then begin climbing up the wall.

(1 of 2) The Stamp will be located in the little cave, by the ledge with all of the Ant Troopers

The Stamp will be located in the little cave, by the ledge with all of the Ant Troopers (left), Climb the ledge before crossing the bridge to find the first Green Star (right)

The path here will have more Ant Troopers, along with a variant called Horned Ant Troopers. These ones are a bit more annoying, as they are wearing spiked helmets, so you will get hurt by jumping on their heads. Of course, you can still jump on them whenever they are on the sides and they’re still susceptible to power-ups. At the top, enter the cave filled with Ant Troopers and midway through is a ledge with plenty of Ant Troopers. Defeat some of them (or all), then ascend to the top to find the Stamp. Exit the cave and limb the wall at the end of the path instead of crossing the bridge, where you’ll find Green Star #1 resting on top.

Go back to the purple blocks at the cave’s exit, and in the middle of them is an invisible ?-Block that contains a Super Star. Now, cross the bridge defeating as many Horned Ant Troopers as possible on your way to the Checkpoint Flag. Ahead you’ll find Big Ant Troopers, which are completely invincible to anything, and you need to ride them to cross the spikes. As you’re bouncing on the Big Ant Troopers, you will come across a ledge, so jump onto the ledge and into the green pipe. Jump up the Ant Troopers or climb up the wall to get Green Star #2, then exit. Continue to ride the Big Ant Troopers over the spikes, jumping only to get Green Star #3 as you reach the end of the trail.

(1 of 2) Enter this pipe to find the second Green Star

Enter this pipe to find the second Green Star (left), The third Green Star will be out in the open as you’re riding the Big Ant Trooper (right)

There is a lower ledge you can ride down to, which only contains some coins, so only go down there if you need them. The ledge at the top leads to a green pipe that takes you to the Goal Pole.

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