This level revolves around rotating floor mechanics. Start by crossing over and defeating the Octoomba then make your way to the stationary platform before crossing again. It’s possible to leap over to the island for all the coins but it’s often not worth the risk. Time your leaps until you reach another small stationary area with a long bridge in front of you.

Defeat the Octoombas here and snag the coins from the left platform. Perform a Spin Jump or bounce off an Octoomba to reach the block on the right side where Green Star #1 can be found then hop back down. Ahead are some Dash Panels that take you through another long bridge. The Tanooki Suit helps a bunch here but if you don’t have it then time your jumps well to reach the other side.

More rotating platforms, but these ones aren’t connected so you must time your leaps to the final platform with the Warp Box . Climb up from this location where the Checkpoint Flag is located to find three Octoombas. Below the platform is a hidden Coin Block that you can use to reach the tall platform left of the Octoombas. In the back is a hidden ? Block with a 1-Up Mushroom and to the left is the Stamp .

The block on the right houses the first Star (left). Ground Pound the ? Block for the Stamp (right).

It’s possible to leap up the wall, timing your jumps in between the rotations but this Stamp is best snagged using a Cat Suit. Climb up the next rotating platforms to a checkerboard. Make your way to the left for Green Star #2 then head to the final area. There are two tiers, but you need to start on the bottom one. Crossing the two panel platform is easy, but the next part requires you to dash across four panels, snag Green Star #3 , then make it back to avoid certain death.

The second Star is on the back of one of the flip panels (left). The final Star is on a long platform just before the final Warp Box (right).

Complete this then take the top path to the Warp Box and Goal Pole.

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