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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

World Bowser-4: Footlight Lane

Jarrod Garripoli

Footlight Lane is an interesting level, as the ground is invisible, with only little parts visible whenever you’re standing on it or if something hits it. One thing you can always do is perform a Ground Pound on the footlight paths, which will give a brief glimpse of the surrounding area for the paths. There will be some Thwomps in the first bit of the level, kind of showing you that an impact will help reveal more of the invisible floor. The first set of ?-Blocks will have one that is a power-up (Boomerang Flower), so grab it if you need it and keep moving.

When you pass the path with the two Thwomps, look along the little wall to find an invisible ?-Block, which contains a Super Star. Use this to clear out the plethora of Parabones ahead on the winding path. Stop before going up the stairs and jump over the gap to grab Green Star #1. Up the stairs will be the Checkpoint Flag, then you will have a section with spiked rollers. Follow their direction and when you get to the third set, hit the Green Star Ring to spawn the coins. Collect them all to get Green Star #2, then move onward.

(1 of 2) You’ll find the first Green Star across a gap right before some stairs

You’ll find the first Green Star across a gap right before some stairs (left), You’ll have to dodge some spiked rollers and collect coins to get the second Green Star (right)

The next set of ?-Blocks has another power-up, then the next section will have Bullet Bills being shot. Their explosions will help you figure out the path here, but you can simply head straight and jump over the gaps as you see them. Before setting foot on the next invisible path, do a Ground Pound on the normal platform to spy a path to your right. Hop over there and climb the steps to find the Stamp. Back on the main course, follow the path, noting that there are now Cat Bullet Bills coming at you, which home in on you.

(1 of 2) The Stamp is off to the east right before the Cat Bullet Bills

The Stamp is off to the east right before the Cat Bullet Bills (left), And the Mystery Box here will net you the third Green Star (right)

At the third launcher, you should see a path leading left, which brings you to a Mystery Box. In this bonus room, quickly get on top of the Thwomp, which allows you to easily reach Green Star #3. Returning to the level, follow the rest of the winding path to the Warp Box at the end. Use the invisible platforms here to reach the top of the Goal Pole and finish the course.

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