Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

World Star-1: Rainbow Run

Jarrod Garripoli

This level will bring back the Ring Burners, which are obstacles that will send out shockwaves that you have to jump over in order to avoid taking damage. Also, you will be running into a lot of rotating platforms here in Rainbow Run, so you need to be careful in knowing which way things are spinning, so you don’t accidentally fly off the platforms. At the start of the level, jump onto the rainbow platforms that rotate, avoiding the Skipsqueaks and Spiny Skipqueaks, while Ring Burners fire off around you. On the second one, hit the ?-Block to get a power-up (Super Bell), which will be needed. The rolling rainbow platforms ahead have a quick stop where some Blocks are above one of them.

Climb up the wall to some clock pickups and a green pipe, so enter the pipe. This is another one of those “guiding the ball to the switches by using the Flip Panels” puzzles, only you have two balls this time. The left one requires a red first, then you need both in the bottom right, while the right one needs a blue panel up above, then red in the bottom left. Your prize for doing this is Green Star #1. Jump back out and continue to a Warp Box that takes you to the Checkpoint Flag and Plessie. This is a pretty straightforward section, with the only thing being that the Stamp is on the right side, in between some coin rings.

(1 of 2) There pipe here will allow you to get the first Green Star

There pipe here will allow you to get the first Green Star (left), You can collect the Stamp on the right side of the Plessie section (right)

At the end, after you’re done with Plessie, you should see what looks like a door, with two unlit braziers in front of it. To the left of this door, if you do a Ground Pound, you will find a hidden ?-Block that contains a Fire Flower. Use this to light those braziers and open the door, revealing a cloud cannon. In this bonus area, you have to light up all of the tiles on the floor, which will reveal a certain Hyrulean hero and netting you Green Star #2. After exiting from there, next up is a Green Star Ring on the next rainbow platform. Try to collect the coins while avoiding the Ring Burners and Skipsqueaks.

(1 of 3) Light the two braziers to unlock a cloud cannon

Your reward will be Green Star #3, which means you are finished with all of the collectibles in this level. The final portion of the course will consist of more rotating platforms, Skipsqueaks and trapezes. You will want to be careful here, as it can be easy to miss a trapeze and fall into the pit below. Take the Warp Box at the end to go to the Goal Pole area, where the P-Switches do nothing but spawn coins.

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