At the start of the level jump onto the rainbow platforms that rotate, avoiding the Skipsquakes and Spiny Skipqueakes while Ring Burners fire off around you. It seems complicated but if you just run through this area you won’t take any damage. Grab the Super Bell on your way, you’ll need it shortly. The rolling rainbow platforms ahead have a quick stop where some Blocks are above. Climb up the wall to a Green +Clock and pipe. Hit the buttons in this room to guide the balls onto the P Switches to reveal Green Star #1 .

Enter the Mystery Box (left) and bring the balls down to the bottom for a Star (right).

Jump back out and continue to a Warp Box that takes you to Plessie. Do your best to ride down the center so you can claim the Stamp . At the end, go bowling and knock out the enemies for a 1-Up Mushroom . To the left of the door in front of you is a hidden ? Block with a Fire Flower.

Once on Plessie, stick to the centre for a Stamp (right).

Use this Power-Up to light the braziers then use the Cloud Cannon to reach a bonus area. You need to light up all the color panels to create an 8-bit Link from the Legend of Zelda. This is done quickly with Ground Pounds but even quicker if you get the Mega Mushroom from the hidden ? Block at the bottom-right of the area. Once all color panels are lit, grab Green Star #2 and snag the Green +Clock on your way back to the regular area.

Enter the Cloud Pipe (left) and light up all the floor panels for a Star (right).

Next is a Green Star Ring and more Ring Burners coupled with Spiny Skipsqueaks. Jump when the Ring Burner goes out and hit the ring, then dash under the Skipsqueaks and onto the next platform, grabbing all eight Green Coins to spawn Green Star #3 .

Hop through the ring and grab all the green coins for a Star.

The final part sees you through with rollers and trapezes, just be careful and time your jumps as you pass the Para-Biddybuds at the end to the Warp Box. Hit the P Buttons in the Goal Pole area to spawn a bunch of coins as you jump to the Goal Pole.

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